5 Best handmade gift ideas for family and friends

    Let us admit that there is nothing as special & lovely as a handmade gift.  And nothing like the feeling of presenting a homemade gift to your loved ones that you took the time to make them something unique rather than a pre-made store-bought item.

    Handmade Gifts: More Bounce To The Ounce

    Gifts do not really have to cost a fortune. Spending lots of money on gifts does not mean your loved ones will cherish them forever. On the other hand, making and gifting a handmade gift is extraordinary as you pour your heart into making it.

    Gifting handmade presents during the times of holidays (or anytime) is a stupendous idea, but can take a lot of time, especially at a busy time of the year! But it does not have to be hard to give something you have made.

    So, who has the next birthday in your family? Or are you already wondering about Christmas? Or are you thinking of gifting your best friend on a special occasion? The search for the perfect gift begins again but you do not have to spend a lot of money! This post will show the 7 best handmade gift ideas for your friends and family that do not cost a fortune while being special!

    1. A Unique Handmade Wall Painting

    Painting in studio

    Be it for Christmas, birthdays, or just because nothing says “I care” as much as a handmade wall painting. Especially if you’ve got the skills to make it fabulous.

    Instead of a drawing or painting of your loved ones, you could choose their favourite vacation spot or any other kind of memorable experience.

    Be creative. Think about who your friend or family person is, what they care about, and use that to inspire your art. Or, if you’re not the best at painting or don’t have enough time to draw, you can just buy a handmade wall painting online and get it personalized according to your liking with their best photos.

    2. Make Your Own Special Cake

    Homemade Cake

    Sometimes the best handmade gifts are ones that go straight into your tummy. If they are a sweet-toothed person, baking your own very special handmade cake as a gift can be a great option. Really, who doesn’t love a delicious homemade cake hot out of the oven? With a little money and effort, you can make your own luscious handmade cake and give them away in a nice sparkly gift box.

    If it is their birthday, a handmade cake can be the main show-stopper of a birthday party. People usually think that cake is the best gifting option for a birthday party, well, it does not matter whether you are gifting them to celebrate their birthday or just gifting them without any occasion, handmade cakes can always be the ideal gift option regardless of any occasion.

    3. Make Them A Photo Frame

    Photo frames on wall

    But your photos are important too! They remind you of your special moments in your life. Whether it’s your grandmother’s birthday, your child’s first day back to school, or your wedding anniversary. These moments were so important to you that you wanted to capture them forever.

    Your family may not have seen your faces in a while, so what could be better than a personalised handmade photo frame with a picture of your loved ones inside? They deserve a place of honor. Simply putting a photo in a handmade photo frame can make this memory last forever.

    4. Handmade Chocolate Gift


    Treat your loved ones with handmade gourmet chocolates. This may sound tough, but it’s actually something that even kids can make almost entirely alone. All you’ll need is a chocolate mould, some melted milk, white, or dark chocolate, or all three! And either some nuts, dried fruit, or whatever else you’d like to put inside your chocolates.

    Place your fillings inside each of the slots on the mould or tray, and then gently pour melted chocolate on top. Allow these to completely set in the fridge, pop them out of their moulds – and voila! wow at your creation with your loved ones.

    5. Colorfully Painted Mugs Gift

    Mug Painting

    Everyone fancies a cup of tea or coffee, so why not go wild decorating some mugs for your family or friends?

    If you cannot find any plain white mugs in the supermarket, you can order a set of six mini ones online easily at cheap prices. You will love having so much fun painting your own designs and patterns onto them, and once they’re done they’ll really make for a great handmade gift!

    Handmade Gifts Are Really Worth It

    Handmade gifts are really worth your time, they let the receiver feel that they are loved. They will think that you have spent enough time thinking about what they want, something that shows their personality or interest. 

    Additionally, a handmade gift lets them feel extra special because rather than giving a store-bought present, you chose to put your time creating something yourself. Without a doubt, the person who will receive it will feel nothing but good vibes.

    Well, those were the 5 best handmade gift ideas. Hopefully, you saw a few here that you will enjoy making and giving to your friends and family!

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