Should I repair or replace my store door?

    Having a store door that starts malfunctioning can be annoying. However, it is very important to take immediate action and keep the safety concerns in mind. If you have a damaged or a broken door, or if your store’s door does not close properly, it becomes susceptible to break-ins and burglary.

    Repair or replace – what is the better option?

    This question can keep the owners from making a quick decision about their faulty store doors. Mentioned ahead all the important factors that might play a role in helping you make your mind.

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    Swelling and sticking

    Both swelling and sticking can make opening and shutting the door a nuisance. Thus, if you notice such defects in your store door, it could be a result of a change in temperature. Yes, higher levels of humidity can also cause sticking and swelling of the door.

    Fortunately, you can easily fix this issue. In fact, you do not even need professionals if this is the only problem with your door. Such store door repairs can be done on your own by simply varnishing and sanding the part of the door that has swelled up.

    Frame defect

    Uneven door fixing can create gaps and keeps the door from closing properly. This could allow heat and air to come into the store. If you notice a defect in the way the door is hung, you can seek professional assistance to fix the issue.

    The cost of repairs depends mainly on your own preference. You may choose to install just weatherstripping along with the doorframe fixing, or you can also add storm door.

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    If you live in a region with long summers, make sure you get the storm door with a fitted screen. If you find the right people to do the job, the cost of store door repair is likely going to be much lesser than replacing the door itself.

    Sagging problem

    Door repair
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    If you notice door sagging, it could be due to its own weight. You can fix this problem temporarily by simply sanding the top part of the door.

    Eventually, you will need to get the repairs done to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The proper repairs will require changing the screws and fixing the panels of the door. It is best to let professionals handle this to avoid distorting the swing of the store door.

    Again, it’s best to get it repaired instead of investing in a new door altogether.

    Rust damage

    The process of rusting usually begins from the interior part of the door. In case that went beyond your notice and now you can see rust growing on the exterior, it’s a clear sign that the core has been compromised. In such a case, replacing the door is the best option.

    If rust is a regular problem, consider getting a galvanneal coated door. This coating is a combination of iron and zinc, which acts as a barrier between moisture and steel. Naturally, it increases the door’s life.


    Signs of delamination indicate that it’s time to replace the door. This situation occurs due to exposure to harsh environments or severe water damage. Once the door loses its rigidity and becomes flimsy, it should be replaced.


    A store door subjected to forced entry or vandalism also needs to be replaced. Such a force often weakens the door at the core, breaks it, or damages the edges. As a result, its frame also weakens. It isn’t a great idea to repair it if all the areas of the opening are affected.

    Cost factor

    The cost of door repairs and replacement may vary. However, door replacement is usually a costlier option as compared to a simple repair. Nevertheless, there are instances where you don’t have any option but replace your store door.

    Before you speak to a professional, it is best to carry out an inspection on your own. See if the doorframe is in good shape. In such a case, you may only need to buy a new door without the entire frame. The door framing, which includes the threshold and jambs, can be retouched.

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    It is also equally important to consider different factors and not just the cost. If you try to save money by repairing a door that needs replacement, you may end up spending more on it.

    So, before you make up your mind, carry out a detailed inspection, do your research, and always compare your options to take the right decision.

    Alycia Gordan
    Alycia Gordan
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