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A comprehensive guide to reducing household water use

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Water is a precious entity that we simply cannot live without. This is why, our use of it has to be closely supervised, both for ecological and monetary reasons. However, without even realizing it, we waste huge amounts of water daily. It can be due to our habits when cooking or washing or due to faulty appliances that we use.

With just a few hacks here and there, you will be able to considerably reduce your household’s water use.

Change your water-using habits

Washing hands

The cheapest thing you can do to reduce your water consumption is to inspect your own habits and change them appropriately. If you have already replaced regular bath time for showers, you are on the right track. However, a typical shower can still use tremendous amounts of water because they take longer than they should. Actually, all you need for your daily shower is about 5 minutes.

And that’s not all. Think about how you brush your teeth. Do you open the tap just to rinse your toothbrush or do you keep it open while you brush? So much clean water tends to be wasted in the process. The same idea can be used for washing your hands and dishes, as every minute matters.

Install water-saving equipment

Water Sprinkler for Garden

In addition to re-evaluating your habits, you might want to consider changing your old appliances for new, more efficient ones. A good and an efficient dishwasher or a washing machine can save you energy but also water. Green household products are becoming more available and things like low-flush toilet are no longer luxury items.

You can also use water-saving equipment outside. For watering your plants, consider using low tech option like a water bucket or you can install some sprinkler timers in your garden. A hose is just not as efficient when determining how much water is being used.

Learn to use grey water

Collecting grey water is still tricky for households, but if you have a bucket and a willingness to make a small difference, it could be the right thing for you.

You can keep the bucket in your bath or in your sink. The water which you have used to clean yourself or your dishes cannot be used for cooking or drinking but you can still repurpose it. This grey water is perfect for flushing your toilet, which uses a lot of clean water for no good reason, or for watering your plants.

Soon hopefully, more cost-effective ideas will enter a typical household, and we will have a handier solution to reusing grey water.

Find and fix the leaks

Leaky tap

Updating your appliances, collecting and using grey water, as well as changing your habits can only take you so far. A small leak on any of your water-using equipment, such a toilet, can cost a lot in terms of water. In addition to wasting water, one single leak can cause grave and expensive problems to your walls and floors.

However, there is little you can do yourself when it comes to leaks, except identifying them in time. If you find one or more of them, the safest course of action is contacting plumbing services. Don’t try to fix it yourself and risk making the damage even worse.

Make your garden more self-sustainable

Garden with wild plants

Another way to save water is to be more responsible of how you use it in your garden. Grey water is a great way to combat the problem, but you can also consider what kind of a landscape you are going for. Choose local plants which will rely less on your provision of water. Rainwater in combination with grey water should be enough for them.

Such a garden doesn’t have a perfect lawn or picturesque shrubs and flowers which seem somehow out of place. Your garden will be more natural, a bit wilder, but it will be a fine example of your dedication to sustainability when it comes to proper water use.

Alas, you can’t split your water bills in half or to considerably help saving the water reserves around the world, but by following our friendly little guide, you can take more control over reducing the amount of water your household consumes. More than money, you need to invest your time as well as the wish to change your ways and your household items. Remember that there is no such thing as an irrelevant problem. Water is used to such an extent that no issue should be ignored. So, always find the time to address it.

Stella Ryne
Stella is an art historian,entrepreneur, conscious consumer and a proud mother. She can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement/DIY projects. When she is not trying to improve the things around her (and herself, for that matter), she likes to lose herself in a good book.


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