What are the different types of electricians?

    If someone asks you who is an electrician? Then your probable answer would be that of an electrician. They are skilled tradeswomen who work on the electrical system and the wiring. But after reading this blog, you will know much more about the different types of electricians and their varied work profile. So, without any delay, let’s explore more about the different types of electricians.

    There are different types of electrician, but the two primary categories under which most of the electrician fall are:

    1. Linemen (Outside Electricians)

    They work outdoors on heavy voltage electrical work. Their work also involves checking whether the electricity produced in the power plant is distributed to substations. They also check if the substations are equipped to handle the high voltage line across the commercial and residential spaces. 

    2. Wiremen (Inside Electricians)

    These electricians work indoors. They work on systems at a lower voltage. Wiremen can handle wiring inside the building, repair of electrical systems, and wiring maintenance. 

    Types of electrician based on certification levels

    The government and institutions provide certificate to people based on their knowledge and skills capacity. Below mentioned are the levels of the certificate provided to the electricians:

    1. Apprentice Electrician

    These are beginners who are undergoing a training program. To become an apprentice electrician, one must have a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Moreover, they must undergo hours of classroom learning before finally starting up the work. Once you have completed 3-6 years of apprenticeship program you can apply for a training program under a qualified and licence electrician or master electrician.

    2. Journeyman Electrician

    After completing the apprenticeship program, one can become a journeyman electrician. But one needs to give the test for it. You will get the licence from the state or local body or a federal licensing group. After this licence, you can train an apprentice electrician. 

    3. Master Electrician

    These have the most experience and knowledge about the electrical system. To become qualified master electrician one has to complete 4000 hours of work as electrician. Once you have completed the 4000 hours of work, you have to appear for the licence example which is conducted by the National Electrical Code.

    Hiring electrician

    Different types of electrician based on their specialization

    Industrial Electricians- As evident from their name, these electricians are qualified to install and troubleshoot electrical equipment in the processing units, power plant, mines and other larger units. 

    1. Residential Electrician

    These electricians work in the residence. They are also responsible for installing, troubleshooting, and updating the electrical system of your house. It is important to keep the contact of such people handy. An electrical trouble can pop up uninvited. It should be noted that the profession you allow to enter your home is well qualified and certified by the government.

    2. Commercial Electrician

    Commercial buildings includes places like factories, warehouses, offices, malls, hotels etc. We know that these places acquire a large area of land as well as bulky electrical appliances and machinery to function well. The professional expert who deals with the electrical related work is known as the commercial electrician. Hence, it is their job from the time of foundation of these building till the maintenance to take the responsibility of any kind of electricity related work.

    3. Maintenance Electrician

    These are an integral part of the commercial, industrial and residential sector. These are trained electricians for repairing and maintenance of the electric equipment. To become a maintenance electrician, one has to get a formal apprenticeship along with on-the-job training. 

    4. Auto Electrician

    They specialize in cars and automotive vehicles. They ensure that the electrical system of your car. When you take your car for servicing, these auto electricians work on the electrical component of the car like the AC, lights and other electrical systems of your car. To work as an auto electrician, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the electrical system vehicle diagnostic and inspection. 

    The basic information about the electrician and the different types of electrician are mentioned above. Based on your requirement, you can contact the right person. Make sure that you only hire a trained and experienced electrician. And if you want to become an electrician, then you have to go for a licence test and get the required experience.

    5. Industrial Electricians

    An industrial electrician is a high professional who can work with factories and industries. They can provide a different of services, including the repairing, maintenance and installation of industrial machines and equipment. To rent one, you need to understand what type of industry you are in and what electrical appliances and machines are in your industry or office.

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