How to declutter your home in 21 days?

    Too much clutter can ruin the appearance of a home but this infographic from HappyCleans looks to solve the clutter problem in your home so you have one less thing to worry about! One item that tends to pile up in a lot of home are different types of paper. Whether this is bills or random receipts we keep for no reason; remember that much of this can be thrown away.

    The fridge and freezer is another item in a house that can become cluttered and smelly with food that is either past its expiration date or that you never plan on eating. Check the fridge for any items are close to expiring and make sure those foods are eaten first and throw away any items that are already expired.

    The entertainment area is another spot in the home that can become needlessly cluttered over time. This is often because we needlessly store old DVDs ( and even old video cassettes!) that will never see the light of day again. With the rapid rise in popularity of streaming sites like Netflix, fewer and fewer people are choosing to watch films and TV series on DVDs.

    The medicine cabinet is another area where we tend to store expired medicines from a bygone era. Sift through the cabinet and get rid of all old medicines as they are no good to anybody and can actually have a detrimental effect on peoples’ health. They are especially dangerous to keep if children are in the house as they can be particularly vulnerable. A clutter free home can even help to improve your mood and state of mind so decluttering can really help to transform your life.

    Check out the full infographic now and begin your decluttering journey today. Hopefully it will be the inspiration you need to get started. Enjoy!


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