How interior design changes your mood?

    How mood is affected? Can interior design have something that can affect the mood? But, what is mood? Well, mood is an emotional state of mind that can be affected by various circumstances of everyday life. It’s essential to keep mood fresh and happy to stay healthy. But, is that besides many reasons, interior design is one element that can largely affect the mood? Heard, from many, may be this creative art and science has volume that could affect one’s mood. Do you have any ideas?

    Last year, I was spending summer holidays at my friend’s farm house. He is an interior designer since a decade. His farm house is beautiful and relaxing. I visited it for the first time in all the years of our friendship. Simple, but beautifully decorated that holds my eyeballs firm to each and every details of the space. I knew that he’s an interior decorator, but honestly there was no such remarkably special and gorgeous that differentiates the place from others. Still, what was holding me? Lastly, couldn’t resist and turned to him with queries about the hidden secretes of the place that was affecting my mood, but still invisible.

    Proud, he was to explain it to me. There, he goes with his words that not only the bulky, gorgeous, and costlier materialistic things are inclusive in interior designing and that enhance the beauty of the space, but there are invisible minor details which when focused levels up the aesthetic appearance of the space.

    I would like to pen down few of the points that added in me the valuable and appreciate theories about interior design.

    1. Paint colour

    It plays the vital role in one’s changing mood. It’s said the different colours symbolizes the different meanings. These colours have great psychological effects. It has the power to soothe, revitalize, inspires creativity and even stimulates the appetite. It’s observed that the correct colour palette is a perfect way to uplift one’s mood. For example, the red colour symbolizes the passion and power, the other way blue emits cool feeling all the ways, whereas white relates a sense of purity and cleanliness, and the grey is specialist in depicting a sense of relaxation and serenity. It’s on one’s nature and choice of the surroundings that makes one to select the colour of the space. Though, the colour plays a significant role in changing one’s mood, the same time it’s depends on human nature only that makes one to choose the colour. The kind of thoughts and nature you preserve, the tone of the colour will be accordingly.

    2. Greenery

    A world without green life sounds like a world of dead, immovable things. So, what if these green natures have no speech delivery, but its presence and invisible growth of it makes one feel lively. It adds simple and easy way to change the ambiance of the space. These living greens purify the air plus improve the relaxation, and focus. But, it should be accounted that all species of the green world are not allowed to occupy the interior space or it can be harmful for one’s health. There are list of indoor plants that can be invited inside the living place.

    3. Lighting

    Another, essential factor that affects immensely to any moods is lighting. It may hold you mute for a while thinking how these power watts can bring a loud change in the moods. If, you can close your eyes and just concentrate on different settings of the power watts done in your different rooms. The white lights in the kitchen, the yellow lights in the bedroom or study room, living room has the mixture of lights, have a deep thought about the different lights and why it’s like this? We just follow what the interior designer direct us or we copy the same when seen in the other places.

    The excited moods would always like to have bright lights, but when one needs privacy, stay alone, needs to relax, wants to attain the peace of mind, or may be sometimes you are off mood the dim lights favours such situations a lot.

    The bright natural sunlight from the window openings or any other type ventilation is the best mood freshener. It should definitely always have rooms for it in your living space. These natural lights add to one’s moods and have a calming and peaceful effect on emotions and moods. It’s crucial for good health.

    4. Personal decors

    Every time it’s not essential to collect the fashionable and quality items to decor the space. Every time these valuable decors are unable to hold your moods in a fixed tone. Have you observed people entering the room straight away would pick one particular thing like pillow, soft toy, or pull the corner table to its side, and often looks around the particular seat they always occupy with like an arm chair? These all things may sound like what in it, they are simple ordinary things placed in the space for long. How, these can affect the moods? Remember, as said in the beginning, moods are state of mind affected by various circumstances. These, all small things are either emotionally attached or it’s a habit of one. When, your moods are not normal, it can’t concentrate on the new things, but basically it looks for its regular attachments.

    All, the above are simply ordinary, but it puts an immense effects when act with. At, low budget with minor changes in the space related to the all the above space, one can be successful leader to its moods mostly.

    Sonakshi Batra
    Sonakshi Batra
    Sonakshi Batra is a Blogger at PickerOnline, Local Search Engine To search anything from anywhere.I love to Explore new things and Travel around the world.

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