Basics for Blogging About Keto

    Seems like nearly everyone has either tried the Keto diet or has heard of it. Similar to other diets over the years, Keto sets itself apart because it tries to mimic the way we as humans used to eat before modern supermarkets and junk food. In other words, it tries to give our bodies what they need rather than what they crave.

    The difficulty is that many stores, restaurants, and other places do not cater to this kind of lifestyle and set of eating habits. The struggle is that to follow the diet strictly, you need a plan and a community of others to support you.

    One way to find that community is online. You can blog about keto and help yourself have a more successful diet while helping others as well. How do you do it? Here are some simple steps.

    Get the Right Setup

    First, you need to have a place to blog. This means setting up a website. You will need to search for and choose a relevant domain name. One that is clever and indicates your intention towards keto and your approach to it is a good start. The name itself will help peak interest.

    You will then need to choose hosting. At first, you can probably go with the most common type, shared hosting. This means you share server hosting with other websites. For most startup websites and smaller ones, this is the way to go, and also the least expensive.

    You can design your site yourself using provided templates if you have a reasonable grasp on design elements, but if you want something more professional and advanced, you might want to hire someone. Visitors are attracted to well-designed blogs that are easy to navigate, so be sure yours meets their expectations. You can also use your own photos on your blog but again, it would be best to use stock fitness pictures to give it that professional appearance.

    Your site should also be mobile friendly. If you are not familiar with responsive sites, the Google Amp project, and the Google Mobile Search First roll out, either get familiar with them or hire someone who is. A grasp of these is essential for blog success today.

    Know Before you Go

    Google puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of sites that fall under the YMYL principle. This is called Your Money or Your Life, and affects websites that could impact the long term physical or financial health of an individual. The Google site evaluation guidelines look not only at the content itself, but who wrote it and the site it is on.

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    Since your site and blog will be dealing with the health of your readers, and the wrong advice could have a dramatic negative impact on their well-being you need to be careful about the knowledge you share, and about constructing a disclaimer that lets users know you are not a medical professional, and they should talk to their doctor before starting any diet plan. Not only does this protect you from liability, but it also protects your readers as well.

    Get Expert Help

    Along that same line, you need to get expert help with your blog. Have medical experts, dieticians and others post on your blog as well. Welcome their guest posts and consult with them about your own. Do thorough research, including talking to experts and medical professionals along with dieticians and trainers.

    Understand that Keto works differently for men and women and that pregnancy, diabetes, and other health conditions can be impacted by the Keto diet and its requirements. If a person has a question and you don’t know the answer or feel comfortable answering it for them, refer them to an expert.

    Unless you are a medical professional yourself, don’t declare your own expertise. Share things as your personal experiences and those of others, and be sure readers understand that results and experiences vary greatly.

    You can become an expert over time but be sure to understand your limits both legally and ethically. Give advice generally and try to avoid specific cases you may not know enough about to be successful.

    Develop a Two-Way Conversation

    Besides the experts you may know or encounter, your readers also have valuable experiences they can share. Encourage them to do so through comments, their own guest posts, and other feedback avenues. Your blog will be most valuable when it is a conversation rather than a megaphone for your message and that of your writers.

    This means you must allow for and moderate comments. This can mean a lot of spam, but you can filter these using plugins like Askimet and other security solutions. Also, you should answer comments whenever you can, and try to replay reasonably. If you get trolls or those who are negative for no reason, ignore them and don’t engage.

    Remember, constructive criticism is okay. If a reader has a different idea than you do, it may be just as valid or relate to a different situation. Don’t be afraid to be wrong and make corrections. After all, the reason for your blog is not only to be informative and entertaining, but to help you and others have a successful diet. Don’t defend a wrong assumption and harm that mission.

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    Of course, to get this conversation going, people will have to find your blog. This means developing accounts on social media, being active and sharing, and using hashtags and groups to find your audience. Discoverability is always an issue for nearly any blog and website, and you should become familiar with things like search engine optimization (SEO), keywords (Google Adwords can help you with this), and a limited amount of computer coding (so you have an understanding of how computers and the Internet work).

    Blogging about Keto and your experience with the Keto plan can help you and others have a successful diet. Follow these steps and stick with it. Your health will thank you for your persistence.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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