Toned arms workout: 5 best arm exercises for women

    Who does not love sexy toned arms that make you feel good about yourself? Let go of that extra weight by engaging in a targeted work out aimed just for your arms. For toned arms, the target points that you should focus on should be triceps, biceps and shoulders. There is a plethora of exercises, but we have shortlisted five top exercises that will give you the result in comparatively less time along with better results in the form of sexy arms! 

    1. Push Ups

    Workout Push Up

    Pushups are great for building strength in your arms because it targets your biceps and shoulders like no other exercise. People usually find it difficult but if you do as much as you can every day, we are sure that you will be able to do a proper pushup soon. You can try these various types of pushups and feel good about your body. The simple technique is to go into a plank position and your hands should be placed at shoulder length. Now move your body downwards, but make sure you do not touch the floor and then up again. Repeat these twenty times at first and then you can increase the number when you get more comfortable with it.

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    2. Back Touch

    This exercise is done in 3 steps and is ideal for elevating the sweet pain in your arms that has been caused by the first two workouts. It is also a rather simple one; just take a dumbbell in each hand. You can choose whichever weight you feel is appropriate for a dumbbell. Stand with your feet apart and then take your right arm and touch the back of your right hip for twenty times and then switch sides.

    3. Half-Moon Rotation

    This exercise is the best for arm training because it does not require you to do anything extraordinary and still gives you best results. It is after five rotations that you realize how effective it is for your arm. The pain will start coming in and it will settle down nicely. It targets your triceps, shoulders and biceps. Just stand straight with your arms wide and your palms should face the floor. Make twenty forward circles with your arms and make sure that the circles that you are forming are not too small, or else this exercise would not be too effective. Repeat this exercise but this time you have to form backward circles. Take a ten seconds gap after this and enjoy the burning in your arms. Challenge yourself by doing an additional set.

    4. Bent-over Dumbbell Rows

    With this exercise, you are targeting your shoulders and improving its overall strength. Take a dumbbell in both hands and stand straight. Bend down up to a point that your hips form a 45-degree angle. Stretch your arms downward and then upwards remaining in that bend down position. Bent-over row is an excellent way of getting a great body posture as well.

    5. Overhead Triceps Extensions

    Last but not the least, you will have to do overheard triceps extension that work on your triceps specifically and complete your workout by giving all the right curves to your arms.

    This workout makes sure that your upper body builds sufficient strength for engaging in workouts that are more extensive. Triceps work out is extremely important for your arms therefore make sure you do not miss this step. First step is to take a dumbbell and hold it over your head with your elbows bent. Ensure that your upper arms are in line with your ears. Now extend your arms above your head and bring them back again. Repeat these twenty times and to make it more challenging, increase weights in the dumbbell or your overall sets.

    These exercises can be challenging because nobody said it would be easy but we will tell you that all of it is worth it. So if you are halfway, just think about the dress that you have wanted to wear but could not due to your arms. Get those toned arms and do justice with that dress. Please understand that our medical conditions are different from each other, so it is always better to consult with a proper trainer if you feel that you may not be the best judge of your body. It is important to state because there have been numerous of cases where people have pushed their limit and it is not worth it at all.

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