5 affordable smart home devices that will make your life easy

    In today’s digital age wherein almost everything is automated, there’s no need to wonder why smart device consumers now range from business owners to homeowners.

    In fact, according to Statista, the global smart home market revenue is forecasted to increase up to $40.9 billion by the year 2020.

    While according to the recent Coldwell Banker survey, seventy percent of consumers who already own a smart home device is planning to buy another. In addition to that, even older generations (aged sixty-five and above) now use smart devices at home.

    Fifty percent of generation x and twenty percent of baby boomers own smart home devices with voice control. This only proves that being high-tech isn’t limited to millennials anymore.

    However, whichever generation you belong to, hearing or reading the term ‘smart device’, can probably still make you cringe because it’s almost synonymous with ‘expensive’. The good news is, you shouldn’t feel that way anymore! Instead, you should keep up with the times and try these home devices that won’t break the bank:

    1. Smart lock

    Purchasing and installing a smart door lock will enable you and your family to enter your home (or any room in your home that has one) keyless through code entry, smartphone recognition, fingerprint scanning, or voice commands, depending on the features of the lock.

    By installing the smart lock application, you can also send virtual keys to your family and friends, given that they also have the application on their phones. It also enables you to track who has entered or exited your home. Imagine all that convenience and security only costing you $100 to $300. Awesome right?

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    2. Motion sensor

    Motion sensors are one of the best security devices out in the market, not to mention that you can buy one for less than $50. It detects human and animal movement through body heat. Through a control panel (either a smartphone, tablet or computer with the motion sensor app), you will be able to monitor your home and stay alert in case someone breaks in.

    Moreover, most motion sensors sold today are wireless and battery-operated that’s why they’re easy to install and can function even without electricity.

    3. Smart cup

    If you’re a coffee or tea lover, a smart cup is perfect for you. For less than $70, you can already keep your beverage hot for up to two hours! The cup temperature can also be adjusted in just one click, just install the smart cup application on your phone or tablet. Smart cups also come with a handy charging coaster that’s why you can reheat your beverage after two hours just by plugging it in.

    4. Activity tracker

    Do you love working out? If yes, you’re in luck! You can now purchase an activity tracker for less than $40. Activity trackers use sensors to record how much and how frequent you move throughout the day. Not only it will track all your physical activities, but it will also measure your sedentary downtime, the intensity of your exercise, and even your sleep habits – thus providing you with a holistic view of your most and least healthy daily behaviors.

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    Most activity trackers in the market can be worn just like a watch, while there are variants that can also be worn on collars, belts, and even as jewelries – that’s why you can use it while working out anywhere, anytime.  Activity trackers also come with a mobile application which you can use to store your data and record your progress.

    5. Smart scale

    Did you know that you can buy something that will help you stay in good shape for less than $30? Aside from activity trackers, smart scales can also help you stay fit. Unlike regular weighing scales, smart scales don’t only measure weight. It can also measure your body fat, Body Mass Index (BMI) & Fitness and Body Composition Analysis. Most smart scales nowadays are also Bluetooth enabled and can be synced with Android and iOS health apps, that’s why you can easily store your data and track your improvements.

    See that? Not all smart devices are expensive and given these benefits; they’re actually worth every penny!  You don’t need to be well-off just to afford one, you just need to choose wisely and shop within your budget.

    Plus, most smart home devices are sold online that’s why you can shop in just one click (even if you’re still in your pajamas at home)! So, what are you waiting for? Make your home as smart as you today! Happy shopping!

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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