6 Things Each Living Room Should Have

Having troubles designing your living room? Do you know what you even need? Well, you need a warm welcoming living room where the whole family can just relax and enjoy. Here are some most important things you need to keep in mind.


Warm lighting

Proper lighting is one of the most important elements, but is usually overlooked. You can choose from various types of lighting for your living room, from overhead lamps, to beautiful chandeliers, whichever fits the living room design. Also, by picking light bulbs of warmer colors you can make your room feel warmer, or you can turn to lighting similar to natural light and brighten up everything. Besides these, make sure to provide your living room with enough daylight, so you would keep it fresh and glowing.

Built-in book shelves

Books are the best means of providing texture to your room. Not only do they look great on the shelves, but you also have a way to entertain yourself and your family. The best book storage is a built-in book shelf. Here, you can arrange your favorite books or some ornaments and decorations to make your living room alive. What is more, you can design these shelves the way you want, color them with lively colors to make some contrast and have a small library near you.

TV Set

The importance of TV set

Ever since TVs were invented they changed the way every living room feels and looks. TVs have always had the purpose of entertaining and gathering the family at one place. With new technologies, TV sets have evolved and became “smarter”, so a family cannot live without them. According to Melbourne home theatre company recommendation, to get the homey atmosphere in your living room, you need to install smart TV sets so you could all enjoy the best moments together.

The right colors

When choosing the colors pay attention to the amount of natural light that enters the room. Do not choose too dark colors if there is not enough light so your room would not feel depressing. Also, too bright colors combined with too much light could be blinding. Make perfect balance between the colors and play with contrasts between the colors of the walls and furniture. Pay attention to the whole mood of the family, and by choosing the right colors you can make it better and people around you will be grateful.

Art in living room

Pictures on the wall

The walls in the living room should never be dull and boring. To make them more fun, you can always hang some pictures of your friends and family, or artsy paintings and other art you want to frame. Also, when organizing the pictures on the walls, make sure to make balance. You should avoid hanging too many pictures on just one wall. You can position them above certain pieces of furniture, and the eye will always be drawn there. Additionally, to make your room seem bigger, do not hang the pictures too high up. Keep it low and simple.

Mixing things up a bit

If your living room is designed in a traditional style or everything there is modern, to spark it up a bit you can add a single piece of furniture in contrasting style. If your room contains mostly wooden furniture, like tables, closets, dressers, replace the old wooden coffee table with a modern metal one to make things more fun. The same goes for modern minimalistic styles, add a wooden piece of furniture to add contrast and mood to your room. These types of details can increase the value of your home, and most certainly you will enjoy it more.

Finally, these few elements are crucial when designing the living room. You do not need a boring and cold room, but a warm, cheerful one where you can cherish the most important family moments.


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