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Tips for Creating a Healthy Bedroom

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All of us spend at least 6 to 8 hour in the bedroom either to relax or sleep. It’s been noted that even after 7 hours of sleep, many of us don’t wake up rejuvenated. Even small kids look tired or complain about sneezing because of allergies. It’s really important that your bedroom should be clean and cozy to help you get de-stress and doesn’t give you any sort of allergies. Spending on good décor and mattress might give you good sleep for some time but living in an untidy room can leads of allergies, skin problem and lack of sleep. You don’t realize that your bedroom might be the main reason for all those allergies and skin rashes.

A good sleep for young and adult has become a necessity to lead a healthy life. This article is a complete guide on how you should maintain your rooms so when you lie down on your mattress, all you feel is peace and wake up refreshed every morning.

Tips for a Cleaner Bedroom

Sort out the Clutter

The first step to making your room healthier is getting rid of all the junk that is lying around. Clutter can make your space look smaller, darker, gather dust and all sort of nasty bugs. Sort the items you need in your bedroom and throw the junk out. You can also sort out the clothes and the cosmetic section which will make things more organized for you. Make a habit to throw useless stuff and keep things limited to your use.

Dust the Room Periodically

Wall to wall carpet may feel cozy under your feet, but it also accumulates lot of dust that can make your really sick. Some kids suffer from an asthma attack because of this dust lying on the carpet. Vacuum clean your room twice or thrice a week so you can rid of all the dust. Make sure the rest of the furniture is also cleaned with the help of furniture solution to get rid of minute particles.

Wash the Sheets

Our sheets might look clean but tiny dust particles stuck to this sheet which can give your rashes and pimples on the face. So, next time, when you can’t sleep because of the itchy feeling, change the sheets to get rid of dust. To have good sleep every night, make a routine in your family to change bed sheets once a week. Try this and you will notice how one simple step is making your family healthier.

Use Organic Products for Cleaning

Most of the cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can lead to breathing problems among kids and adults. Use organic based products to clean the room furniture to get rid of dust mites. You can use organic fragrances in your baby’s room for a refreshing feel. Many young parents go for a natural fragrance and baby white noise machine to give the baby a healthy sleep in the night.

Clean the Mattress

Surely you have changed the sheets and pillows, vacuumed the room but still affected by dust allergies, then it’s time to change the mattress. With passing time, your mattress absorbs the dust and other bacteria. To avoid dust allergy, keep rotating your mattress upside down once in three months and vacuum clean it once in a month to keep dust to the minimum.

With these helpful tips, you can have healthier rooms and relaxing ambiance where your family will be hale and hearty. You can also use baby white noise machine for your child to have a peaceful sleep in the night.

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