Use these 7 pool maintenance tricks to save you time and effort

    Most pools require the same maintenance schedule, and as long as a pool owner completes the regular projects required for upkeep such as chemical care and cleaning. There are a number of “unusual” additional activities to clean a swimming pool, and you’ll have to monitor chemical levels at least three times a week. However, it’s worth it to keep your pool hygienic and safe for use.

    Usage of baking soda

    Stores that sell pool cleaner will usually offer something called an “Alkalinity Increaser,” which is a simple option for maintaining the pH levels in a pool. Buying some low-priced baking soda from the store completes the same goal yet does for much less money. Baking soda will upsurge your pool’s alkalinity levels. The price of baking soda will rest on what type of baking soda and alkalinity you are buying.

    Skimming and cleaning a part of Life

    Skimming the leaves and debris off the water surface is a no-brainer, but you have to repeat it at frequent times. For a truly untouched pool, skimming should be done daily. Even you need to scrub the sides of the pool to check algae build-up. It doesn’t need to be done quite as often. To have your siding renewed and hygienic just look for any growths and go at them with a scrub. Spray chlorine on spots and before cleaning once more, for a few hours, let chlorine sit on top of the spot.

    Toss in tennis ball

    From sunscreen and makeup to hair products and body oil, grime is bound to build up in the pool. You can place the new tennis balls on the surface of the water or stick them in the skimmers. It will make them out of sight. Tennis balls will absorb the oil and leave a crystal-clear water for you.

    Vacuum the pool

    Do it as you would do with a carpet. You have to use the same way as you vacuum your carpet floor when using vacuums for pool cleaning. Move the vacuum across the bottom of the pool, staying longer in areas that need appear filthier. You can take help of the automatic vacuums too, which will make your task easy.

    Clean the pool floor

    When you find that the water is clear and the PH level is in balance, then you can use your vacuum to clean the pool floor. There is likely a lot of wreckages gathered on the pool floor so it may take some extra time and effort to vacuum the pool. Keep in mind if there’s a lot of wreckages on the floor, consider professional help if you’re not practiced with pool cleaning yourself. Wreckages could get blocked in your pool pipe, causing damage, and it can also cause deterioration to your pool filtration system.

    Pools need constant chemical levels

    Chemical levels are questionably one of the most important facets of pool maintenance. Improperly balanced water looks unclear, infuriates skin and eyes, and can cause your pool to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

    At least once in a week, you should examine the water. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are six chemical levels that need to be well thought-out:

    • Cyanuric Acid – Protects chlorine from sunlight and determines the required Free Chlorine level. For outdoor pools, the ideal reading of a Chlorine level is 30-to-50.
    • Free Chlorine – It is a sanitizer which helps you to keep the water safe and free of germs.
    • Acidity/Alkalinity – It is also identified as the PH level, acidity has to be kept between 7.5 and 7.8 to stop irritation and protect the pool equipment from eroding.
    • Full Alkalinity – Helps keep the PH in balance. And levels should vary within the range of 60-120.
    • Calcium Hardness – Appropriate levels help prevent plaster damage. Ideal level is 220-350, but if you have a vinyl siding with the pool, then aim for lower.

    Power wash to make the pool deck shine

    The area that environments your pool is just as important as the physical structure itself. By power washing, you can keep your pool shining. Power washing, also known as pressure washing, will help get free of any oxidation or weather stains that happen over time. Start the process by sweeping the deck free of any errant dirt or leaves first, so you don’t end up scattering them all over during the cleaning process. Then, according to the directions keep the power washer organized. Set the machine on a weak to medium power spray and remove the surface debris in layers, repeating the process until the surface is sparkling.


    The main part of having a pool is upholding it properly.  To keep your pool in apt working order, you need to regulate the water and test it.  Along with proper water testing and regulation, the filtration needs to be accurate.  Proper filtration and water regulation is vital for the wellbeing and health of the individuals using it.

    Swimming pools are an obligation and pleasurable extravagance. It is an amenity because there are so many ways in which you can appreciate this area. The pool is also a concern since it necessitates precise cleaning, upkeep, and servicing.

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