How to make moving house as easy as possible?

    We all get excited at the prospect of a new home and what it represents. It’s a chance at a new start, an upgrade, or simply a change of pace. It is so easy to get caught up in the euphoria, that we feel we could simply drop everything and teleport ourselves and our things there. But, reality is far more boring and tedious, isn’t it? You have to pay attention to so many details, make so many phone calls and pack so many things, you start resenting the idea of moving. But fear not, we’re here with several ideas on how to make a move seem as fast as teleportation.

    An organizer is your best friend

    Making a plan

    The one thing you absolutely MUST do on this list is to create an organizer. A binder, a stack of papers, notebook, whatever is on hand – pick it up and start writing down what needs to be done and when. Even if you’re not a to-do list person, writing down your plans, phone numbers and lists will make the whole move much easier on you. Why? Amid the chaos of phone calls, packing, juggling your and other people’s schedules, it’s easy to slip up and forget about something important. And once that happens, it can quickly turn into an avalanche of mishaps and ruin what could have been a breezy process. Don’t be ashamed you’ll seem forgetful – organizers are a lifesaver.

    Take photos

    Right before you leave your home, after everything has been taken out, pick up your phone or camera and start snapping photos. Make note of every corner, installation and piece of furniture that will stay there, to ensure you don’t find yourself facing unlawful accusations from the new owners. Sometimes, they can damage certain things while moving in, and might try to pass it off as a fault in the home itself. This kind of precaution might seem excessive right now, but as hey say: “Better to be safe than sorry.”

    A moving day bag saves lives

    Moving cardboards

    Well, not literally, but when you move into your new home and realize that you can’t really cook or shower because your essentials are all stored away deep in that pile of boxes, you’ll feel like passing out. One overnight bag with a change of clothes, sandwiches, bathroom essentials and a first aid kit will spare you a whole lot of stress. You can also bring board games and snacks, essential electronics and tools.

    A word on moving companies


    If this is your first move, dealing with movers can be a hassle if you don’t have a good recommendation from someone. One thing you should do is get quotes from several companies, and see who offers the best deal. Another is to check which movers also offer storage services (if you need them), like some well-known removalist companies. and see if there are cheaper deals for clients who want to use both services. Sometimes it’s better to rely on professionals, because they know more, they will make sure everything is safe and they will move you in no time.

    A fresh start

    Use this move as an opportunity to also move on from some things in your life. Whether you like to hoard things or live frugal, take the time to go over all your material possessions and see which items you can go without in your new home. Make three piles, and sort the items on them depending on whether you will donate them, throw them away, or if you still feel indecisive about some of them. Later, pack them up and send them off.

    Packing hacks

    Luggage bags

    Firstly – you absolutely need to get free packing boxes. Why make additional expenses on boxes when you can get them for free from stores like Target or Costco. Secondly, when you stack items in boxes, make sure to do it like you would a grocery bag:  heavier items on the bottom, and work your way up to the lighter ones. Thirdly, try to steer away from packing clothes in a box, and use garbage bags instead. It’s much easier to load them up in the transport this way, and you won’t have to worry about boxes cluttering up.

    Cleanliness check

    If possible, try to get the keys to the new apartment a few days earlier. There’s nothing worse about moving day than entering your new home to see it in a state of disarray, from previous owners not cleaning after them. Then not only do you have to deal with unpacking, but you have additional thorough cleaning to do. Getting there two or three days before moving day to scrub off or clean up will make the whole main process much faster and easier on you.

    This list is just a small fraction of things you can do to make your move go as smoothly as possible. In the end, you should spend some time researching and find out what works best for you and your family. As there are no two same situations. Alas, it’ll never be as easy as we would like, but a move can be fun and a great learning experience if we don’t let it overwhelm us.

    Jessie Hogarth
    Jessie Hogarth
    Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her close ones.

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