Four Things You Can Do with Your Children This Fall

    The cool weather has finally hit, indicating the star of autumn. While the air is changing temperature, and the leaves are changing colors, so too are the activities you can do with the kids. There is less time to play at the park because it gets dark sooner. It has gotten too cold to go to the water park or play on the slip-n-slide.

    Just because you can’t do certain things with your kids anymore, it does not mean there is nothing to do. The change in weather gives you a chance to experience fun in a whole different way. Take a look below for a few suggestions that can keep you and the kids entertained and active for the season, before winter kicks in (then you have a whole ‘nother brand of fun!).



    Fall is football time. Take your kids out to a game and watch your favorite high school, college, or professional football team. For those living within the U.S., I am of course referring to American Football, the game that has overtaken baseball as the American Pastime. For the majority of the rest of the world, this would be actual football (soccer, in the States).

    This is the time for tailgate parties and face painting your favorite team’s logo on your cheek (or chest, for some). This is the time to crowd in by the hundreds of thousands, cheer at the touchdowns, and scream at the referees for making a bad call. The energy is electric, especially when two rivals play against each other, and the fans for both exhibit such fervor it adds excitement to the game. Kids of all ages will love to go to a game with so much energy!

    Fall Festival

    Going to a fall festival may be one of the best things you can do with your kids in the fall. With a wide variety of vendors and attractions, you will actually get to do several things during one of these festivals. Bobbing for apples (yes, the water may be cold, but that’s part of the fun) then turning them into candy apples is great for the little ones.

    For activities with other fruits, you can pick out a pumpkin from hundreds piled on the ground and paint them at the festival (pumpkins are classified as a fruit, in case you thought it was a vegetable). Painting faces and designs on your pumpkins can be fun for the kids and you – make sure you are participating as well! Your little ones will enjoy you playing along with them.

    You can also have your faces painted. Aside from a pumpkin or scarecrow, kids can have ghosts and bats painted on their cheeks in recognition for the upcoming Halloween night activities.

    Candy corn and popcorn will be everywhere, in your tummies and on the ground. Inflatable bounce houses will keep the kids bouncing and active in the cooler weather. Just don’t keep them out too long. You don’t want the kids to catch a cold.

    Clothes Shopping

    Clothing Shopping

    Fall gives you the opportunity to update your wardrobe. Cooler weather requires longer sleeves and replacing those shorts with pants. Your kids will need to change their wardrobe as well.

    Because children nowadays are so connected to the Internet, they are very knowledgeable of fashion, and they are more trendy than any previous generation ever was. This is why you should take them shopping for their own clothes; don’t buy them yourself, let your kids decide for themselves what they want to wear (within reason).

    Even if you don’t have time to go to a retail store, you can browse online with your kids, which will still give you quality time with them, and you will certainly be able to find the trendy styles they are looking for. By letting them choose their own clothes, it will give them the opportunity to wear styles that their friends are wearing. This will allow them to fit in, rather than having them stand out with clothes mom and dad chose for them.


    Camping Trips

    Joining others around a large, blazing fire can be fun in the cooler autumn air. Just make sure everyone stays safe. Gather friends and family around the burning pile for jokes and stories, while the kids run around and play in the fallen leaves nearby.

    Use extremely long sticks to roast marshmallows. Take it one step further and add in some chocolate bars and graham crackers. Combine it all into smokes! Have some hot chocolate nearby as well to warm your insides while the outside is cold.

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