The Three Best Places in the Pacific to Visit on Vacation

    The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. Some of the best vacation destinations you can find border this body of water, or sit within it. With thousands of tropical islands dotting across the vastness, and inland areas rip for relaxation and enjoyment, the Pacific has a lot to offer.

    Considering there are so many options to choose from, it can be rather difficult to decide where to spend your vacation. Your choice can be determined by your preference for urban exploration or nature discovery as well as the time of year you are looking to take your vacation. Here, we discuss some of the best locations to travel to in the Pacific Ocean.

    Before you take off for your dream vacation, make sure to prepare for it. Plan your itinerary in advance, and try to limit the number of places you visit. Doing this will allow you to spend more quality time at each attraction or site you visit. If you try to see too much, which can often be the case in these amazing places, you will rush through your trip, defeating the purpose of your vacation.

    Also pack your bags accordingly. You will obviously pack the essentials: clothes, toothbrush, and cell phone. Do not forget the often-ignored additions such as a power adapter (since not all countries run on 110v electrical currents), your Fire Stick (for viewing movies and TV you can actually understand), and a first aid kit (in case of injury in areas separated from civilization.


    Western Australia

    This island continent has the honor of being surrounded by three different oceans: the Pacific, the Indian, and the Southern (the waters surrounding Antarctica). No matter which coast you travel to, they are all filled with fun and beauty.

    Australia’s Pacific Coast has the majority of the urban areas. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are three great places to visit, each with its own variety of local culture and cuisine. Sporting events are taken just as seriously here as they are anywhere else in the world, if you want to experience an Aussie game for yourself.

    The country is a great place to surf and swim, especially along the Great Barrier Reef where fish and whales pass by the human visitors. More inland, you have some astonishing rainforests, mountain ranges, and the Outback to hike through and watch local wildlife in their natural habitats. Landmarks such as Uluru and the 12 Apostles are spectacular to view in person rather than photographs.

    New Zealand

    Just a short distance from Australia – 3.5 hours by airplane – is the island country of New Zealand. Comprised of two main islands, North and South, and a number of smaller islands bordering the primary ones, New Zealand is a place to visit at any time of the year.

    If you want to avoid the big tourist crowds, consider taking your vacation in the Spring or Fall. Most visitors to the country do so in the Winter which is Summertime for the Kiwis (the term locals use for themselves). Taking your trip at these times allows you to enjoy the New Zealand outdoors without the heat of Summer.

    Visiting New Zealand gives you access to many great activities. Everything you can think of is rolled up into these two islands. Swimming in hot springs and touring the inside of the Franz Josef Glacier are two contradictory activities that are only possible here.

    One day you can explore the Charleston Cave where you will get to see a whole new group of stars thanks to the thousands of glow worms living in the total darkness. That very night you could view the stars as astronomers do from the Mount John Observatory.

    There are also a variety of sites you can tour from the shooting of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series of movies. Movie buffs and fans of the films will definitely enjoy nerding out to the locations during their vacations.


    When we think of Japan, we envision samurais and giant fighting robots, plumber brothers and radioactive fire-breathing monsters. We think of high-tech computers, machinery, and devices, alongside ancient shrines, castles, and temples. Japan has an amazing blend of urban standards and rural living, modern lifestyles and ancient customs.

    Entire museums are devoted to the country’s anime and manga legacy while botanical gardens lined with cherry blossoms fill the major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Suginami. Explore the feudal period of the country by visiting the many fortresses of the ancient lords including the most popular one, Himeji Castle.

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