7 Checklist ideas to plan a perfect birthday party at banquet halls

    Cakes, gifts, decoration and friends!

    Yes, this is what all a birthday is about. But, when this is about entertaining your guests, you can never be assured enough about your preparation. It is a common malady that every planner faces where his planning might seem lacking or you might be forgetting something. Celebrating a birthday is a moment to cherish for a child or adult. Though it is the day that marks a person’s birth but it’s the matter of celebrating it with friends and family that gives him or her the real joy. Birthdays are very near and dear to everyone’s heart. But planning a one is equally tiresome where you have to look over each and every detail with precision. But, easier said than done. So, for all the folks who have to go through this brainstorming session, we bring forth a proper event planning checklist while you are planning to organize your birthday at a banquet hall.

    Location & Venue

    The location where you are going to throw your birthday bash depends on the number of guests you are calling. When this is a big list, make sure to start planning this in advance and you can book a venue with ample space. Specially, when this is a child’s birthday, space is your most crucial consideration as children like a wide space to run around.

    • Determine the location of the event that is convenient for your guests. But, don’t stick to the option of a single location. Take two or three locations into consideration for making any last minute changes.
    • Check out the venue that could be safe and appropriate for a baby or an older person.
    • If all your guests are from the same city, don’t book a location at the outskirts or outside of town.
    • Make sure that the location can adjust all the entertainment activities that you want to have for your guests.

    Guest List Preparation

    This will take a lot of time as well when you are about to start making a list to include friends, family and relatives. And when this a first or 50th birthday then the guest list ought to be a longer one as these are special birthdays in everyone’s life. Giving out the invitations are not such a daunting task these days as people are creating online invitation cards for calling friends or relatives. But, planning a surprise party, you might need a group of friends who can help you in the preparation. Just don’t leave anyone important and you are good to begin making other plans.

    Work Out a Theme

    Is it a Superman for your little boy or a Unicorn theme for your girl?

    When planning a theme for a birthday, try to keep the view and ambience of the theme partial to the birthday girl or boy as the day is all about them. Traipse around several sites to get an idea about the topic and decide on the theme or colour scheme that is unique as well as appealing to your guests. Banquet Hall can help you in this regard as they have sufficient expertise in handling such themes. Just put forward your ideas and suggestions and let the planners at the venue decide the style of decoration.

    Draft a Delicious Food Menu

    A good menu is the key to success for any event and should be of topmost priority in your birthday party planning checklist. From appetizers to the main course, everything should be suitable to a birthday. With kids around, you need to plan a menu that is popular among their crowd. But, with a banquet hall you get the advantage of in-house catering who are well aware what the guests desires to eat at a birthday. But, above all the cake is the show-stopper and centre of attention at a birthday. People are too eager to have a good look at the design or flavour of cake. Therefore, deciding the size of the cake as per your guests list should be done carefully.

    Entertainment & Games

    While going through your party planning checklist, don’t skip this major portion. Entertainment and games add more glamour and fun to your party. They bring out the life in them. Just plan your games according to your guests, but try to include games for every age-groups for them to enjoy a cosy and pleasurable environment. Other than the regular entertainment you can set up the regular music or DJs or bring on some live band to perform at your party. It would look even more creative when you choose to organize games as per the theme of your birthday party. It complements your celebration and is even an inspiration for those who are planning their birthdays.

    Capture the Moments through Awesome Photography

    It is just a single day for which you have to wait for another year. Birthday celebration is all about creating memories that you will treasure till your next birthday. Hire the in-house or an outsourced photographer and click some incredible moments of your day. Even videos are equally popular and can revive your memory when you want to have a look at it for another time. You may even set up a selfie stand or parlour that can enhance the decoration of your party. With so many pictures and videos, you sure would take a year to go through them.

    Party Favours & Return Gifts

    Return Gifts leave a long-lasting impression on your guests as this is the token they are carrying to their homes. Plan the gifts according to the age and gender of your guests.

    It would not be advisable to gift a toy car to girl or doll to a boy!

    Try to keep the gifts gender neutral to save yourselves from the hassles of buying different gifts for everyone. Even planning little gifts during the games is also helpful and gives much more delight to the guests.

    Just go through your checklist again and make sure that you have every aspect with perfection.

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