How to enjoy a healthy life despite enjoying a modern lifestyle?

    Do you know the key to a healthy diet? Having the right amount of nutrients in your diet that give you a balanced diet requirement is the key to a healthy diet. It becomes essential to take the right amount of calories to remain active. Having a balanced diet is a must to maintain the health and weight as overeating can tend to gain weight and eating less will make you lose weight and energy. Eat a variety of foods to get the essential nutrients for a balanced diet.

    Eat a good number of fruits and vegetables

    Try a variety of fruits in a day i.e at least five portions of fruits and vegetables in a day. You can start off with healthy breakfast that includes a banana, cereal or a healthy veggie juice. Avoid having sugar in your fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Satisfy your food cravings with a fruit plate consisting of watermelon, oranges, kiwi, avocado, apricots, and strawberries. Like the fruits are important, similarly are vegetables important. Include green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale in your diet to get important minerals.

    Decrease the intake of processed foods

    Having too much of processed foods is not a healthy option as it loses most of its nutritional value during the preparation and also the preservatives present in them are not good for health. Due to the high content of salts in them, there arises a risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. Try having pure and organic food items instead of canned food like canned fruit, canned fish, a packet of chips which have a high amount of preservatives.

    Cut down your sugar intake

    Increased intake of sugar increases the risk of gaining weight and also tooth decay problems. Sugary foods and drinks are high in calories and sugar content which lead to weight gain. Instead, try having drinks that are sugar-free or contains organic honey which is suitable to consume. Cut down on fizzy drinks and bakery items to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Never skip your breakfast

    Cereal breakfast

    Breakfast is the one meal that is very important for the day. Skipping the breakfast is not a good option even though if you’re on a weight loss diet. But in fact, having a healthy breakfast will never make you overweight and has some positive effects on concentration. Having a healthy breakfast is an integral part of our balanced diet to attain the essential nutrients for acquiring good health.

    Get enough and adequate sleep

    Girl Sleeping on Bed

    When there is lack of sleep from your schedule you tend to eat more and that too junk food! So it is advisable to take enough sleep of about 6-8 hours on daily basis to avoid eating junk and also insomnia leads to premature aging which obviously no one will like.

    Eliminate negativity from within

    Instill positive vibes in you about life and people which will help you to stay healthy. You don’t need to keep negativity in you about the people you don’t like or are toxic in your life. Eliminate such type of person from your life and maintain good relations with friends that you think are suitable. Studies have shown that unhappy and depressed people eat a lot when they are unhappy so it is better to remain happy and calm that will remove the dependency on food.

    Exercise well

    Jumping Girl, Exercising, Workout

    Adding up of a variety of exercises in your daily schedule will make exercise a fun part of the day. Don’t just stick onto one exercise like doing just cardio or only running. Add variations to give your body a perfect workout session. Indulge in some sports activities like basketball, cricket, tennis and more. Try barefoot walking that will help your feet and joints.

    Go for Organic Products

    Organic foods are the best to include in your daily diet as they are free from pesticides and chemicals. Though they tend to cost you more, it is safe to consume as your body gets pure food free from pesticides and helps to keep the body healthy.

    Eat Smaller Food Proportions

    Choosing smaller meals over large meals is a healthy option to distribute energy levels evenly. It also is good for the stomach as it prevents eating a huge proportion of food at once.

    Reduce the intake of fats in diet

    It becomes inevitable to remove fats from our daily diet as we all need it in our diet but in a restricted quantity. The two types of fat i.e. saturated and unsaturated fat from which saturated fat is harmful to the body as more saturated fats increase the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. Avoid having food items like cakes, biscuits, butter, and cheese that are high has a high content of saturated fat. Try having unsaturated fat food items like using vegetable oil instead of butter or ghee.

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    Henry Walker
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