5 Ways to tell if you are in a committed relationship

    Today’s relationships are nothing like they were in the late 1900’s. Traditional values that once were the foundation of a committed relationship no longer play any significant role in those seen in today’s date.

    For those that wish to know of whether the relationship they are in is considered as being exclusive by your significant other, then the mentioned below pointers or signs can help you better figure out where you stand in your relationship:

    Mutual Time Spend Together

    Whether it’s for a casual stroll in the park, time spent watching movies in the theater, or even spend watching Netflix within the comfortable vicinity of your home for those that consider themselves to be introverts, spending a significant amount of time with your partner is an essential for a committed relationship.

    In today’s fast-pacing life, time is the one commodity which cannot be bought, nor brought back. If your partner chooses to spend their precious time getting to know you better or opts for spending quality time with you more often, is an excellent sign of your relationship.

    You Plan Your Future

    Another first sign that you may be involved in a committed relationship includes both the partners altering or considering changing their life plan in accordance to ones that match each other or may be more convenient for the other. Single life is all about making decisions primarily based on your well-being and priorities. When you are in a committed relation, you plan your future together. Your long term goals start including your lover and this affects your short term plans as well. It’s important that your partner takes interest in your future. If he/she isn’t concerned about your life goals, where your career is heading towards or what you are planning to do next, chances are he or she isn’t interested to have a long term relation with you.

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    While on the other hand, when in a relationship, if your significant other chooses to modify their plans by yours, you can consider your relationship to be a committed one.

    You Make It Public

    Making it public maybe 20 years ago involved introducing your partner to your parents or your friend’s circle; however, in today’s technologically advanced age, social media has taken over the role of making things go public.

    A public shout-out to your bae, or your boo, in the world of social media, implies that your significant other is entirely comfortable with their respective family or friends circle knowing of your on-going relationship. Many people find it difficult to disclose their relation and let me tell you this with quite a lot of assurance that this is something you can’t ignore. If your partner is not willing to disclose your relation with him or her in public, this means they are not yet so comfortable to be seen with you. When a relationship goes down to a very serious level, both partners are not only okay with disclosing their feelings to people around them but they also show off their bonding and connection.

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    Mutual Vacationing

    Vacationing together at your mutually desired location gives you a chance to create memories that can last an entire lifetime. On a more general note, no one wants to spend not only their time but also their hard-earned money alongside someone they may not consider as someone they are emotionally committed to. Another way to test whether your significant other considers you as being exclusive is that you may want to throw in the idea of going on a vacation together. Planning a vacation is something you do when you enjoy the time spent with your partner. Mutual vacationing is the best way to figure out how committed you are in your relationship.

    Talking About Bodily Functions

    It may sound hilarious, but talking about bodily functions even if it may pertain to talking about an upset stomach can lead to creating a bond with the other that you may not have with those around you. The intimate conversations about your anatomy not only serve the purpose of sealing your relationship as more than just causal partners but also can be utilized as your occasional humorous story.

    Most of all, it is communication that matters most. If you are unaware of where you may stand for your partner in their life right now then it is best to convey your feelings, thoughts, questions or emotions to your partner effectively via detailed communication.

    Mark was born and raised in New York. He is studying computer science to improve his knowledge about technology. Mark is an open-minded individual who loves exploring new ideas. He likes to review gadgets and outdoor products. Read his latest post here.

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