5 Family game night ideas to promote bonding between family members

    Is there anything better than spending time with your family? With work, social obligations, and taking care of the kids every day, you may feel there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to devote to quality family time. We’re here to encourage you to make the time.

    Research shows that putting aside time each and every week to have a romantic date with your spouse is proven to strengthen communication and marital friendship. If quality time can improve your marriage, just think about what putting aside quality with the family can do for your relationship with your kids!

    Not only will your family game night bring you closer to your kids, but studies show that game night can also benefit your child’s development. Certain games can improve motor skills, help children learn how to problem-solve, and improve their grades and comprehension skills. Plus, it’s totally fun!

    All families can benefit from spending more time together. What better way to get to know each other and ease some stress than with a family game night? That’s why we’re showing you 5 games that bring families together for a night to remember.

    1. Classic Card Games

    In a generation that is largely devoted to screens and tightly packed schedules, something as simple as learning a card game with your kids can be exhilarating.

    Card games are great for bonding because it’s a casual atmosphere that doesn’t require as much concentration as other games. This will give you plenty of time to talk and deepen your emotional connection, as well as your parental friendship with your kids.

    Another great benefit of playing card games with your kids is that it improves their memory, strategic skills, and math comprehension. Think about it. Crazy 8s, euchre, poker, blackjack, solitaire, hearts, rummy 20 – these are all games that require strategic moves, basic math skills, and the ability to think ahead.

    2. The Benefits of Board Games

    Kids benefit from board game because it requires them to have social skills. You laugh, talk, play, and bond.

    Longer board games, such as Monopoly or the Game of Life require a little more strategy than classics like Chutes and Ladders. These games greatly improve your child’s thinking and strategic abilities.

    Communication is another great theme in board games. Many games today require your child to write, read, draw, or role play in order to get a point. This helps them learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings with fellow players.

    Some games also require certain levels of teamwork, which can make your child a more patient and cooperative person to be around. Many board games also require children to use basic math skills for counting spaces or dice.

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    3. Video Games

    Video games may not be the first thing you think about when planning how to spend more quality time with your children. But the truth is, there are plenty of games you can play with your kids that will get the whole family involved.

    Whether you’re playing trivia games on a console, racing, or strolling through the pixeled woods in search of adventure, video games can be complex and challenging.

    Not to mention, they can help children learn and grow. One study found that surgeons who play in excess of 3 hours of video games or more each week made 37% fewer errors and 27% faster completion of laparoscopic surgery.

    Video games can also be beneficial for children with dyslexia. Research indicates that children who play action video games with high attentional requirements showed improved reading skills.

    Because many video games have a ‘reward system’ ingrained in the gameplay (IE. characters receiving better gear for completing tasks, or getting a console-specific achievement badge), studies show that kids who play video games use this pursuit/reward system to pursue career goals down the road.

    Playing video games with your kids can be fun. Of course, the choice of game to play is largely up to you as the parent. Whatever genre you choose, remember that not only is this bonding time you’re devoting to your children, but it’s also a great way to reduce stress and boost cognitive function in your kids.

    4. The Game of Charades

    Charades is a classic family game night option that has many benefits. First and foremost- laughter. There is nothing that can make you laugh quite like trying to get your family to guess an impossibly hard clue. This is a great bonding opportunity for both parents and kids.

    This particular game is great for larger families, since the more players involved, the better! There are no limits.

    Communication, expressed or otherwise, is a huge characteristic of this game. Playing charades can also help your child boost their creative skills, thinking abilities, and facilitates their awareness of other’s emotions. There is no doubt that this creative game is a fun and hilarious way to spend an evening with your kids.

    5. Playing Sports Together

    Family game night shouldn’t be restricted to games that are played in your living room. If you’re planning a great outing for the family, why not take the fun into the backyard or local park and play some sports?

    Soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball at the beach, or snow sports are all great options for families. There is one for every season! Remember, playing sports with your kids shouldn’t have a competitive atmosphere. It should be about having fun and getting active.

    Getting active on a regular basis is great for kids. Research shows that physically active children are more likely to grow into physically active adults. This lowers their risk of obesity and keeps their bodies fit and healthy.

    That same study shows that physical activity increases cardiovascular health, bone growth, improves a child’s ability to physically relax, improves social skills, mental health, boosts confidence, and the list goes on!

    Family game night is the perfect opportunity to get together, talk about your days, and establish an emotional connection with your kids. Not to mention, have fun together! Board games, charades, sports, classic playing cards, and even video games are all excellent bonding games to play with your family.

    Rachael Pace
    Rachael Pace
    Rachael Pace is a relationship expert with years of experience in training and helping couples. Her mission is to provide inspiration, support and empowerment to everyone on their journey to a great marriage. She is a featured writer for that supports healthy happy marriages.

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