Age appropriate toys for kids – A complete guide

    As we all know, young children are difficult to entertain. We often let kids play with whatever they find lying around, but that may be dangerous. Since kids spend most of their time playing, the activities they do should be safe and also allow them to learn new things.

    If you’re looking for the best possible toys to give your children for their development, then you’ve come to the right place. Kids of different age groups have different requirements. After reading this article, you’ll surely know which toys are best fitting for your child!

    Infants who are 6 months old

    Toys for infants

    These are the babies who have just entered the world. They are still discovering a whole new world. They basically look around a lot, they like faces and bright colors.

    They reach out for the things that fascinate them, turn their heads to interesting sounds and put everything into their mouths.

    For these cuties, you should keep a look out for the following:

    • Toys that make noises or that they can shake or hold like rattles, rings, soft toys and textured balls. Squeezable and teething toys are also good options
    • Playing nursery rhymes, songs and poems are also a good source of entertainment
    • Babies love faces so you can hang pictures or even use unbreakable mirrors to show them their own faces
    • Brightly colored cribs that are mobile can keep your baby happy for quite some time as well

    Infants who are 7 to 12 months

    Toys for 7-12

    Babies who are 7 to 12 months old have just discovered moving. They can roll about, sit up, bounce, crawl and even stand up themselves.

    They know their names and can identify body parts. They can find things that are hidden and even keep and take out things from containers inside.

    For these babies, the best source of entertainment would be:

    • Pretense games such as puppets, dolls, and cars
    • Toys that can be dropped and rolled such as beads, bowls, and balls
    • Toys that can be pushed and pulled and soft things they can crawl on

    1 Year Olds

    Toy for 1-year olds

    1-year old babies are super active! They can walk, climb stairs and are always moving. They’re in the age of experimentation.

    They’re okay with playing next to other kids and can say their first words.

    Some examples of the best toys for 1-year olds are:

    • Large board books that have simple illustrations
    • Board games
    • Crayons, markers,and paper so they can get creative
    • Dolls, Dollhouses, Toy phones, Cars and more toys that they can pretend play with
    • Cardboard boxes and wooden blocks so they can build things. But these should be 2 -4 inches and smaller than your child.
    • Puzzles and toys that have different parts and require movements like knobs, switches, and lids are also a good option. This is because kids like the thrill of solving problems.
    • Rubber ducks, toy boats, and bubbles for bath time

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    Toys for toddlers

    Two year olds understand danger but are still very active. They can be seen jumping, rolling, climbing, hanging onto things and doing other physical feats!

    They also enjoy objects that interact with them.

    So, for toddlers, the best toys would be:

    • Wooden puzzles, sorting objects according to color, size,and shape
    • Blocks that snap together so that they can solve problems
    • Furniture sets, dressing up clothes, dolls, toys for playing in water and sand
    • Crayons, paint brushes, toddler-friendly scissors, chalks, and boards
    • More detailed and illustrated books
    • Musical instruments and toy flashlights
    • Riding horses, tunnels, things to pound on or hammer on
    • DVDs and CDs with educational rhymes and cartoons

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    Three to six year olds

    Lego game for 3-6 years old children

    These kids are preschoolers and kindergartners. They’re super talkative and curious.

    They play with other kids a lot and some even share their toys.

    For these older kids, the perfect toys would be:

    • Advanced puzzles of more than 12 to 20 pieces, sorting objects, shells, counting and alphabet games
    • Train sets, construction sets like legos, furniture sets, dress up clothes, accessories, dolls and other things that can be played with for pretend games
    • Modeling clay, Playdough, art supplies like glitter, paint, crayons, chalk, pre-schooler scissors, etc
    • Picture Books and CDs and DVDs with songs, rhymes, educational cartoons
    • Tricycles, wheelbarrows, plastic bats and balls, games that let them target and throw things
    • Interactive computer games

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    Things to Remember

    1. Simple toys are often the best for imagination. For example, blocks are great for imagination and building and don’t just serve one specific purpose. Just make sure that they’re safe to use.
    2. Although computer games are a fun and educational option, they do have an impact on children’s attention span. If you’re giving your child electronics, make sure to limit their usage time.
    3. Don’t keep ten different toys out at the same time. Keep only a few at the same time and let your child explore how each one works.
    4. Try to buy toys that are soft and washable.
    5. Make sure the toys aren’t dangerous! They shouldn’t be having sharp parts or pinches. Toys should be shatterproof and painted with nontoxic, lead-free paint.
    6. For children under 3, don’t buy tiny things that they can ingest or get suffocated with.

    Final Thoughts

    Kids are bundles of joy and deserve all the love and care in the world. Young kids are at a crucial learning age. This is the time they use to explore the world and develop their senses. Sadly, it’s not always possible to monitor or entertain them ourselves.

    That’s where toys come in. But when you’re selecting these toys, you need to be very careful. Kids’ toys should be safe, entertaining, easy to use and educational. It is also important to keep in mind your child’s preferences.

    But worry not, as this guide has all the information you need to select the perfect toy. Follow these tips and give your child a happy and development-friendly playtime!

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