How to Make Learning Fun for Your Kid

    YES, you read it right! Learning can really be fun if clubbed with methods and techniques that make it a fun thing to do, especially, for kids preparing for a tough nut examination like IIT-JEE. Keeping your child motivated and engaged throughout the preparation phase can be a tough task for you as a parent. However, many other interesting ways can make studying fun. From making your child learn through video lectures for IIT JEE to incorporating engaging educational activities in the schedule, you can do it all. So, to your rescue, here we have listed a few techniques that can quickly make learning a fun thing for your kid. So, let the fun begin!

    Invest in Video Lectures

    Video lectures are a great way to learn tough parts of a syllabus easily. The new-age learning tools like Aakash iTutor offer video lectures for IIT JEE that make understanding tough chapters a breeze. Learning does not have to be hours of sitting in front of books and trying to mug up things. With video lectures, your child will have fun while studying. The teaching technique involved in these lectures is easy to understand and quite comprehensive.

    Get Involved in Educational Games

    It may sound a bit funny, but turning any tough lesson into an educational game will make it interesting for your kid to understand the nuances of the subject well. In addition, it will also increase your child’s memorization and recall power. Many parents think that combining studies with educational games is not fruitful. However, there is nothing wrong in making your child understand any subject in a way that it becomes easily comprehensible.

    Make a Chalkboard Wall

    Chalkboard walls have become a rage. From coffee shops to retail stores, they can be seen everywhere. However, you do know they can be helpful in increasing recalling power as well? Yes, they can. With a chalkboard wall in your child’s room, he/she can use it to write all the tough formulas at one place and get a glimpse of them whenever they enter the room. This will drastically improve the recalling power on the day of the examination. In addition, your child can also take a break from the regular style of solving equations on paper, with a chalkboard wall in the room.

    Get Involved in the Fun

    Many parents have a habit of leaving their kids all alone when they are preparing for the examination. Suggested is that you start getting involved in the preparation as much as possible. For example, when they are watching video lectures for IIT JEE, sit with to help them understand the subject well. However, make sure you know where you draw the line. Don’t force your teaching methodologies on your child and never doubt the way they are preparing.

    Integrate Competition

    If you have two kids competing for the same competitive examination, encourage them to compete by taking up mock tests and subject related quizzes like History of The American Civil War. They could race for scoring the highest grades and finishing the test on time. Integrating competition will not only make learning fun but will also encourage solidarity between the kids. They can easily help each other in areas where they lack to get the best result.

    The Bottom Line

    Learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Every child has a different learning and adapting way. However, one thing that makes all the kids common, is fun. So, as a parent, it’s your duty to incorporate fun into every day learning to make your child acquire the knowledge in a better and more understandable way.

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