5 Summer Activities your Kids Would Love to Play

After a school year filled with exams, homework and lots of demands and pressure on our kids, they deserve a summer filled with fun and exciting activities. How do you ensure that your kids will have a memorable summer?

Spend time with your kids doing these 5 summer activities and they will cherish this year’s summer forever.


Kids Swimming

During the hot summer days, a day spent in a swimming pool or beach sounds fun and refreshing. On top of that, teaching your kids how to swim comes with several benefits, both in terms of his health and safety. Here are the reasons why you should have swimming as the number one list of activities that your kids will do this summer.

  • Drowning is the second leading cause of death in the age group between 5 to 24. By teaching your kids how to swim, you equip them with skills that they will use throughout their lifetime. Their risk of drowning would automatically be lesser when they’re skilled in swimming.
  • It’s a complete cardiovascular workout that improves flexibility and strength, promotes lung and heart health, improves posture and balance and increases stamina. Swimming also prevents obesity.
  • Swimming does not only help your kid’s physical health but it also improves their emotional and mental health. It’s a relaxing activity which helps improve their mood and fight depression.


Kid Playing Badminton

If you want your kids to be active this summer, teach him how to play badminton. It’s perfect for them since the rackets are lighter and smaller than tennis rackets.

Teach your kids the shadow play drill to improve their badminton skills. This drill allows your kids to mimic the movements of the coach or parent and improve their foot-work.

A parent or coach pretends to hit the shuttlecocks over the net and the kid mimics this movement. When the parent or coach retreats for an imaginary shuttlecock, the kid follows this action as well. The goal of this drill is for the kids to be comfortable in moving around the court.

Though, the kids sometimes can get competitive at this game, always let them know to don’t take it seriously and learn to have some fun while playing.

Rock Painting

Kid Painting

Summers shouldn’t only be the time for the kids to have lots of fun, but it should also be an opportunity to work on their creativity. You must provide them with exercises and activities that will enhance their creative skills.

A perfect example of such activity is rock painting.

Start this activity by choosing a rock. Smooth rocks are perfect as they are easier to paint on. Use foster or acrylic paints for better results. Work with your kids in choosing colors and designs.

Painting rocks should not only be confined as an art activity but it can also be used as an educational activity. Make them learn the history of rocks or study its role in nature.

This is also a great bonding moment for you and your little ones.

Living room workouts

Kids Workout

Most kids would rather spend their free time in front of the television, computer or smart phones. The advent of technology has somehow hindered our kids from being physically active.

Stress out the importance of regular exercise to your kids. If you’re worried about the extreme heat of the sun, you can have your kids work out at the comfort of your living room.

These are some of the activities that they can do:

  • Headstands
  • Jump rope
  • Balloon ball
  • Wheelbarrow, crab and bear-walk races
  • Obstacle course
  • Jumping jacks

You can also do these Kid Cyclingworkouts along with your kids and stay healthy and fit together.


When you hear the word summer, the first thing that comes to your mind is kids on their bicycles strolling around the park.

Your kids would surely enjoy doing this activity. This is not only a good form of exercise for them, but it’s also a great venue to relieve them from stress and anxiety that the whole school year has brought.

It would also be great for them to go out and smell the fresh air and enjoy the sceneries while biking. They can also bond with other kids of their age.

If you’re worried that the heat may be too harsh, you can have them opt for indoor cycling instead. It’s a great alternative to biking.

With these 5 fun and exciting activities, this would surely be one of the best summers of their life. Join them in these activities to foster a strong relationship.