Top 10 most popular baby boys names of 2018

    Being blessed with a baby is the most delightful moment of anyone’s life. Sleepless nights, days spent doing the baby chores may wear you down.

    Wrapping him/her in your arms will fill your heart up with an immense amount of love, but wait, another big task awaits you now. It is – Choosing your baby boy’s name.

    Parents love to name their kids after a popular personality and envision their kid to be successful like them. This reason always remains in trend but nowadays we see a shift in the mindset of parents. They want to keep their kids rooted to the Indian origin and are picking names originating from the Sanskrit language.

    I have prepared a comprehensive list of 10 most popular Indian Baby boy names of 2018. Check out which name will suit your little boy:

    1. Aryan

    This celebrity name is ranking high as a popular baby boy name since 1990’s. The name has a charm that keeps it in trend always. ‘Arya’ or ‘Aryans’ were the people of ancient India, due to which the country was named as ‘Aryavart’ which translates into ‘the abode of Aryans’. The qualities of these people are summarized as witty, noble, kind, honorable, respectable, and knowledgeable. Too good, huh?

    The Iranian meaning of the name is “warrior or the strong one”, which must have been subsequently inherited for the Sanskrit version. It also links to another name of Lord Indra who was popular for his benevolence.

    2. Ishaan

    Popular for it beautiful meaning and easy pronunciation, the name means Lord Shiva’s third eye. The mythological correlation with that a person named Ishaan will govern the universe. It is a powerful name that is wrapped up in its simplicity. Lots of other variants of name Ishaan are becoming immensely powerful.

    3. Ayush

    Originating from Sanskrit, this name has a history attached to it. Mainly popular for its meaning and elegance, the name relates to someone with a long healthy life and personifies an honest personality. Ayush to Ayushmaan, even bollywood is in love with these names. Both names are good to give to your baby boy.

    4. Anish

    Sun God or supremely powerful, the name “Anish” is the symbol of ecstasy. Finding its roots in Sanskrit, the name is popular for its meaning “Greatest one”. When we break the name into two syllables, it comes out as A + nish that mean paramount.

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    5. Dhruv

    A prince named Dhruv was blessed by God that the entire universe will revolve around the Pole start named Dhruv which will shine brightest. It is the history and meaning of the name that adds to its popularity.

    Isn’t it the cutest short Sanskrit name?

    But, wait. Do not make a decision this early. Next two names are also super short and sweet.

    6. Arav

    Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna named their son Arav that means a peaceful personality. As a Sanskrit name famous among TV celebrities, Arav is finding its popularity as a popular boy name too.

    7. Ayan

    This is a tricky name – easy to speak and good in hearing. Though, it does not sound like the other words of Sanskrit origin but the name means a pathway to Sun in Sanskrit. Although it is also a Quranic name that means time, era or epoch.

    If you are a fan of Sanskritized Hindi, which is slight tough to speak, the next two names may cause halt to you baby names’ search.

    8. Shreyansh

    Does this name allure parents because it means the wealthy one? This was on a lighter note. But the meaning of the name-fame giver and lucky one is no doubt a reason enough for its popularity.

    9. Vedant

    The literal meaning of this name indicates a person who beholds the ultimate wisdom and understands the summary of Vedas. It also means the one who has power to self-realize.

    10. Ahaan

    As per Hindu mythology, the word Ahaan means the time of dusk. The Arabic meaning of the name is the “Gift of God” and drifts up to the “good fortune”. Sounds good and looks meaningful in both languages, agree?

    But before you pick one, run a sanity check:

    • How do the name and surname sound together?
    • Does the name sound easily pronounceable by every age group?
    • Does your heart give a big shout out for the name?
    • Is there anything comic about the name, something which could get your kid trolled for his whole life?

    Which one did you pick? Leave us a comment.

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    Sapana is the founder of parenting blog, GoMama247. She likes to write about parenting tips for new Indian Moms and also listing Unique Sanskrit Names.

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