Choosing ‘The One’ Between Two Dating Partners

Sometimes we find ourselves in a great dilemma when we have to make choices between two people and choose the one. Imagine yourself in the shoes of Bella when she had to choose between Edward and Jacob?

Well, the foremost thing is it is never easy to understand a person completely even in a lifetime. That becomes even more troublesome when there are two of them. Dating casually is one thing, while settling into a relationship another. In fact, even while you’re dating more than one individual casually it gets difficult to juggle your time and attention between them. If it’s just casual dating, you could just date, and if you like the person you can date again, otherwise just forget it. However, the problem arrives when you’re thinking about taking one step further—when you want the things to shape into a great relationship—and there are two of them (or even more than two) you have to choose from. Such a situation, my friend, can really pitch you into facing stressful ugly times.  The quicker (and wiser) you decide the better it is.

Here’s something that might lead you to your the one

List down the pros and cons of each date

As it goes with anything else we do in life, a proper planning is a must. Now, before I begin sounding like your boss, I must tell you that even simple things in life shape out greater when appropriately planned. Take a piece of paper, or open a notepad in your laptop, iPad or phone. Start listing down the pros and cons of each dating prospects. With this list in hand you’d be able to compare them at any point of time and hopefully reach the right decision at the end.

Look for compatibility

You’d already have slight idea about the direction the scale is heavier in. Yet it’s important to give more weightage to some of the points while lesser to others. Although it’s only you who could be the best judge of what’s important to you and what not, yet here are a few things that can help. Take into consideration factors like: Who makes you laugh more? Who is more dependable when you need him/her? Who do you feel like meeting or calling more? Who is more dominating or demanding? Who gives you space when you need it? And, any other consideration that you think is vital to you.

Listen to yourself

At times our heart and our mind can both be at war against each other. It’s only clever to avoid coming down to that situation. However, even if you do arrive at it, be calm and think carefully. Sometimes the heart would speak the most appropriate thing, since it’s what you really want. Of course you shall not choose something that is obvious detrimental. But otherwise trust your inner voice as it would show you the right path.

Keep calm

No matter how difficult you think the situation is, and, trust me it always looks tiring, troubling, mind-boggling, and even too stressful at times. Keeping yourself calm and composed is the key. Decision taken in haste often turn out to be the wrong ones. Give yourself time to judge the situation and reach the best possible choice. This decision can be life-altering in most cases, and you don’t want it to turn bad. However, make sure you don’t spend too much time in reaching a decision and end up losing both of them.

I hope if you’re in such a situation, you will take the right decision.