The Role of Teeth in Attracting a New Partner [Infographic]

While the right personality, temperament and partner-fit are probably the most important factors when it comes to successful long-term relationships, when it comes to attracting a partner in the first place, how we look plays a much bigger part.

And research has shown that one of the most important physical features is our teeth. Teeth are often amongst one of the first physical features that are noticed and can be an immediate turn off, despite being an otherwise good fit.

38% of those recently surveyed revealed crooked teeth would likely put them off a second date, while 57% said it was more important to have good teeth than clear skin.

Having a nice set of teeth is not only important for attracting a potential partner is it actually important for our overall health, not just dental health. Beyond that having nice teeth can make you appear and feel more confident in your life in general, which can’t be a bad thing.

All of that being said, a crooked or chipped tooth on the right person can be an endearing characteristic, the same cannot be said for yellow or missing teeth.

For more fun facts about just how important teeth are in relationships as well as life check out this new infographic produced by Cerezen:

The Role of Teeth in Attracting a New Partner