Tips to know while dating a much younger guy

    The world is moving… Women are becoming more sexually liberated from year to year and it often happens that today ladies in their 30s, 40s and even 50s want to date younger men. It’s something that seems quite natural because if men can date younger women, why women can’t date younger guys!

    A lot of women are actually thinking about dating a younger guy, but not all decide to start such a bold relationship. If you also refer to such doubters and can’t make up your mind whether or not you want to go on a date with a guy who’s a bit younger or much younger than you are, remember, age is really just a number.

    When it comes to love, don’t limit yourself! If you haven’t found your perfect man yet, probably he was too small to ask you out. And now it’s time for your perfect relationship. To get the best results from this age gap relationship, here are 6 things you have to remember while dating a much younger boyfriend.

    Tips for Dating a Younger Man

    You understand that a younger partner can make your life happier and more exciting. But, at the same time, you need to be ready to bring into your stable life someone who is 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years your junior and know how he can change your lifestyle. Well, be ready to:

    1. Extend great amounts of energy.

    Dating a younger man is a really refreshing experience. Your young boyfriend will be more energetic because of his age. You should be prepared to spend a long time walking on beautiful beaches or parks and, generally, engage in recreational activities with him.

    2. Be an equal partner.

    You should know that a guy from a different generation will sense the world differently. He grew up with a mom who worked, that’s why such a man will always admire and appreciate powerful ladies. Moreover, he will always perceive them as equals. So, if you decide to try to go on a date with a younger man, you will get a perfect relationship as well as an equal partnership.

    3. Spice up your sex life.

    When it comes to sexual activity, you won’t be disappointed! When a man is in his twenties, he’s in his sexual prime. This is a great bonus for you because your sex life will be revved up and more diverse with a young partner. He will always strive to try new things and want you as an experienced woman to show him what you have learned.

    4. Feel carefree and relax.

    One of the most important advantages of dating a man who’s much younger than you are is that he has less experience and his soul isn’t overloaded by some traumatic memories from the past. This is crucial for your relationship because this fact gives you a chance just to enjoy your new relationship and feel free.

    5. Be impressed by your younger boyfriend.

    The relationship with a younger man can help you make your life more adventurous and fun. When the blood flows free and easy, guys want always to surprise and impress… This is what you need, especially at a mature age! Spontaneous, creative and most romantic dates, unexpected activities and some boyish mischief will make your relationship exciting and really interesting! You won’t  have time to be bored…

    6. Ignore society.

    When a mature man dates a young girl, everyone says that he’s a great guy! However, if a woman in her adult age starts the relationship with a man who’s five, ten or twenty years younger, such a woman’s called a cougar. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why mature women often deny them the pleasure of dating younger guys. It is inherently wrong to pay attention to public opinion and don’t pay attention to your own desires.
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    Rules for Dating Younger Men

    If you want to be happy with your younger guy and tend to have a long-term relationship, you should follow several rules while dating your young ‘superman’. These rules can help you build the best relationship in your life and avoid common mistakes.

    1. Stop being a mother, be a girlfriend.  

    Don’t perceive your younger man like your kid. Keep always in your mind – HE IS YOUR MAN, HE ISN’T YOUR SON! Yes, he’s younger than you are, but accept he’s a grown-up. Try not to control him and all his actions, never support him financially, don’t tell him what he has to do and what he doesn’t have to do… You should understand that such a parenting approach can just ruin your relationship or lead to a harmful one.

    2. Allow him to pay.

    If your younger man wants to be with you, he should pay. Don’t pay for every restaurant bill or every activity you do together because you earn more money or you are more established. He is a man and his age is irrelevant as well as his way of making money.

    3. Make him nervous.

    Don’t change your life into a safe haven, make your young boyfriend nervous from time to time… Make him wait for you a little, forget to answer for his call or don’t answer for his texts. It will be useful for your relationship because he must realize that he can lose you at any moment if he doesn’t truly appreciate.

    How to Seduce a Younger Man

    It’s actually not so difficult to seduce a younger guy for a mature and experienced woman. But nevertheless, here are 3 key elements of flirting that can make the process of seduction easy and more pleasant.

    1. Wear an elegant but sexy dress to catch the attention of your man immediately. The way you look is very important and don’t forget you should stay in a good shape as well as wear just flattering clothes if you want to be with a guy from a different generation.
    2. Use your body language to attract your cute boy. The right moves, tempting gestures and eye contact can make a lasting impact on your man and these are the best tools for seduction.
    3. Be humorous and confident to be an exciting person to talk to… because everything starts with a conversation!

    Bottom Line

    Don’t be afraid of your age! You look pretty because you’re a fascinating lady. Dating with a younger guy is a great idea at any age. Leave all your fears and doubts behind and start planning your wonderful date with a younger guy because it’s a great opportunity to find your happiness.

    Helen Rogers
    Helen Rogers
    Helen Rogers is an editor of Her main writing topic is love and she is very passionate about relationships. She tries to possess the right amount of professionalism and versatility to be your psychological assistant. Her motto is “Communication is one of the key skills for every person”.

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