Benefits and disadvantages of chartering a plane

    If you need to fly to another city or country often, and you can’t handle the frequent delays and crowded planes then chartering a plane is the perfect solution that will rid you of all your misery. Even though it has a few disadvantages as every form of transportation does, chartering a plane still has more advantages than drawbacks, and we’re going to introduce you to some of them.

    Fly on your own schedule


    One of the advantages of chartering a plane instead of picking a commercial flight is that you can create your own flying schedule. Depending on your errands and job inquiries you can have your own timetable instead of having to plan everything around an airline’s schedule. In case of a sudden change of plans, you can fly somewhere else without any inconvenience. You’ll be able to get where you need to be without any issues such as looking for connecting flights or changing the date for some other flight that will only be available the next day.

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    Pick the aircraft to suit your needs

    Flying commercial airlines means you’ll have to be surrounded by a bunch of people, even if you choose the first class. If you don’t find that very convenient, then you should opt for air charter. This is especially convenient for people who spend long hours on a plane traveling from one side of the world to another. So, if you’re traveling from Australia to Europe for example, you should look for air charter that will offer you the most comfortable flight and all the amenities needed for an enjoyable trip. You can even pick the size of an airplane and have only 15 passengers flying with you so you can avoid crowded surroundings. Private planes are much smaller than commercial ones, so you’ll have access to various destinations that aren’t accessible via commercial airlines.

    You’ll have all the privacy

    Vacation time

    Another advantage of chartering a plane is that you won’t have to deal with obnoxious passengers making noise in the seat next to or behind you. You can bring as many people with you as you like, and have the most peaceful journey ever. All you have to do is make sure you know how many people a plane can accommodate, so you don’t end up sending someone home. On the other hand, even if you end up with other unfamiliar passengers, the cabins are so big that you won’t be disturbed by any kind of noise.

    You won’t have to be there hours earlier

    Flying with a commercial airline requires you to arrive at an airport two to three hours prior to the flight time, which can be very tedious and waste your precious time. Chartering a plane will allow you to take off shortly after you arrive, and you won’t even have to spend too much time on security check either. Even though you won’t have to show up at the airport two hours earlier, make sure you don’t arrive at the last minute, but have at least 15-30 minutes for all the check-ups.

    It’s more expensive


    While there’s an array of advantages of chartering a plane, one of the disadvantages can be its price. Having a plane all to yourself will break your bank, considering the cost go from $1,800 to $2,500 an hour to charter a smaller jet or turboprop. If you go for a jet with a larger cabin the price can go between $4,500 and $7,500 an hour.  However, regardless of the fact that the price of chartering a plane is expensive, it still pays off when you consider the level of privacy, convenience, and luxury that you will enjoy.

    There are still luggage limits

    Even if you choose to charter a plane for your trip, you’ll still have to keep the luggage limit in mind. A majority of charter companies impose luggage limits, so make sure you’re well familiar with them prior to the trip. You don’t want to have to leave some of your suitcases at the airport, just because you’ve gone over the limit and packed too much stuff. One of the reasons for these luggage limits is the fact that it’s not safe for aircraft to take off when there is too much weight onboard. You should even think about communicating with the operator and confirming that your aircraft will be able to handle your desired passenger count and luggage, in advance of any flight.

    Final thoughts

    Chartering a plane has many advantages, but a few drawbacks as well, so before you decide you want to travel that way, you should look into all the aspects of this form of transportation. However, no matter the disadvantages, if you can afford a charter plane, we recommend you choose precisely this type of transportation because you’ll have the utmost privacy, luxury and all the amenities at your service throughout an entire trip.

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