Planning A Trip To The Lake District

    From tasting sessions at micro-breweries to a family tour around Beatrix Potter World, there is something for every member of the family in the Lake District. While you should always plan ahead, especially when it comes to packing waterproofs, as long as you are prepared and you have everything you need, you will enjoy a holiday that will have you wanting to return for more of the same next year.

    What To Pack

    What you need to pack will depend on what you intend to do while you visit and when you visit. You will be able to buy a lot of items, including clothes and food, during your stay, but there are only two or three major supermarkets and while clothes shops are plentiful, you should expect to see outdoor clothing more often than high fashion.

    Do pack a mobile phone, take a couple of good books, and even if you are visiting during the height of summer, make sure that you bring a lightweight waterproof because rain showers can hit almost any time. As with packing for any trip, always ensure that you have chargers for your electronic devices, and pack a backup paper map in case you can’t get a charge or a signal on your phone.

    When To Go

    The Lakes can endure heavy rain and strong winds during the winter months, and while summer months can certainly be hot and balmy, you should always expect rain showers. Summer months tend to be busier, especially around Windermere, which is the largest of the waters, but also around most of the other major waters and lakes. If you visit out of season, however, a lot of the attractions will be closed and if you’re planning walking or hiking, be aware that the weather can make outdoor activities like these very challenging indeed.

    While the weather is cold and wet during winter, if you are fortunate enough to be in the Lake District when it snows, then the changes in the scenery will make the cold more than worthwhile.

    Where To Stay

    Keswick, Ulswater, and Windermere are the largest settlements in the area, and because Windermere is the primary hub for transport, shopping, and entertainment, this tends to be the area where most people gravitate towards. It can get busy, but if you want somewhere to stay that provides you with easy access to major destinations and a central location for easy travelling, then it is the ideal spot.

    The Hideaway at Windermere is well located, offers Victorian beauty, and the boutique hotel provides luxurious and comfortable rooms for all visitors.

    What To Do

    There are many tourist sites to take in during your Lake District holiday, but one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the National Park is to get out. Walking and hiking are very popular pastimes in the area, and there are guided and mapped walks that range from beginner to experienced. You can also mountain bike, spend time on most of the bodies of water, and you can try kayaking, hand-gliding, and a host of other outdoor activities.

    The water is also a major draw, with boat hire, boat trips, and even windsurfing and wakeboarding available seasonally.

    How To Get Around

    Windermere is the central transport hub for the Lakes. There are train links to Manchester airport, and buses and coaches that come to the region from across the country. Road links are also well travelled, although they can get busy during the summer months and towards weekends when day trippers, weekend visitors, and holidaymakers all head to the beautiful natural area that is the Lake District.

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