How OZiva Chocolate Shake helped me Lose Weight? 


I have been working out for the past 1 year but haven’t really had the time to pay much attention on my diet as I ended up skipping meals on some days or on some days would binge eat out of stress that would culminate because of chaotic schedule. Also, recently being diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, it made me rethink the kind of diet I was following and the necessary changes that I needed to make. A friend of mine who happens to be a fitness freak suggested that I go for OZiva Nutritional Meal Shake considering my lifestyle.

I was skeptical about Meal Replacements but this one caught my eye since it claimed to have Ayurvedic Herbs which helps in dealing with fatigue and stress. Something that I wanted desperately apart from the weight loss.

I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I’ve noticed, my weight has dropped by 5 kgs and total body fat% has gone from 32.5% to 30.2% ( Aah ! I know its still too high but I am working on it). I am not looking to build abs or a much chiseled look, but I am planning to get the total fat under 25-22% at least which would help me tone my body better and maintain it that way.

These are the things I am sticking to on a daily basis:

  1. I got a message from them once I ordered the product that said that I can fix up a call with the nutritionist
  2. I spoke to the nutritionist and she suggested me a diet plan and when to have OZiva shake. She told me exercising is must so I ensure I do 30 mins of walking on the days when I don’t have my Yoga classes.
  3. I replace my dinner with the shake and stick to the diet plan most of the time.

Here are some things I found interesting about OZiva Nutritional Meal Shake.


Firstly, they are available for both-men and women with different specifications as necessary, so that’s a plus.

What made me like OZiva’s Nutritional Meal Shake for men was:

  • In total, it gives more than 20 gm. of protein in one 30 gm. scoop, when taken with a glass of milk. As compared to other Meal Replacement Shakes, I found it was exceptional about this product. Also, it does feel like I’m more active now.
  • The free Diet Consultation Support – It was completely free and I keep bothering them with my queries ( I have too many of them always!)
  • When it says it’s a meal replacement shake, it actually does the work of one. I take it in late evenings for dinner most times and it keeps me full till the time I hit my bed
  • Is also very tasty! I can blend in absolutely anything from oats to dark chocolate to banana with 1 scoop and it is completely indulgent yet healthy.
  • Perfect as an on-the go option when one has very little time to prepare a healthy food or even eat. Instead of reaching out for regular street food, this serves as a convenient meal choice.
  • And most importantly- it is low in sugar yet tastes brilliant! Given that I’m a pre-diabetic and trying to cut down on sugar, so far it has really helped me cut down on my total sugar intake.

However, I do hope that they can make a product available in 1 kg packages so that it becomes easier to make purchases for a month.

I figured out that the product is available on Amazon, Paytm and OZiva website. I bought it from OZiva website and it was delivered in 4-5 days with a special handwritten note in it ( Not bad at all for the new kid on the block 🙂 ). 

Also, the website mentioned the Nutrition Facts about the product. I am including it here.


Overall seems like a great product that I’m going to be using for longer. Will keep you updated on results!

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