All You Need To Know Before Getting Facial

Facial mask
Credits: Sérgio (Savaman) Savarese - Flickr

A facial is a quick go-to skin brightener for all women. All they need is a couple of hours to look fresh, glowing and beautiful. But as perceived, it isn’t so easy as it seems to be. There are a few things that must be kept in mind before going for it, otherwise there can be some unwanted skin problems erupting.

Be Who You Are…

Do not put on makeup or wash your face just before showing up for facial. Follow your usual routine skincare regimen and see the aesthetician in the same manner. It will give her/him a clear view as to what your skin is like and what is actually good for it.

No Wax Or Shave

It is highly recommended that you do not shave or wax 24 to 48 hours before or after the facial treatment. This may lead to some unpleasant experiences like stinging and tingling including some breakouts or may tear up your skin as well. Give it the time it needs to soak in the products and henceforth show up the results.

Say No To Medication

Yes, this is highly recommended. Some medications like tretinoin or accutane can make your skin thin. If a facial is done on a skin that has had no time to rebuild itself, it can lead to delirious results.

No Bathing In The Sun

Stop sun bathing a week before the day you have decided to take a facial. If you have a sunburn, getting a facial before the skin heals can be a very unpleasant experience. And also doesn’t provide you the results you anticipate from it. Wear sunscreen and avoid any outdoor activities at peak hours of sunshine.

Bring Along Your Current Skincare Products

There is nothing better than showing your aesthetician all what you have been doing to your skin. A look at the skincare products you use will give the expert an idea what all good or bad you have done to your skin. He or she will give you a clear idea as to what you should do and also help in deciding what kind of facial will give your face an instant lift.


It is often said that if your skin isn’t used to exfoliation, there is a risk of breaking out because the skin produces extra oil post a facial. Don’t worry, it will vanish in a few days. You can use an acne moisturizing cream by Revitol or any other reputed brand to heal it faster than it would naturally.

Talk Clearly

It is your utmost duty to let your aesthetician know that your skin is allergic to some particular ingredient or ingredients. Telling them all will help you and your skin in a big way.

Give A Gap

You should be aware of the big occasion – wedding or any other social gathering. Get your facial done in time, not a day before. Though this treatment is meant to make your skin look fine, but why take a chance.

And please brush your teeth or chew a mint gum so as not to scare off your aesthetician. He/she may not be able to work properly if your have foul breath. And lastly, come a few minutes before the stipulated one, it will give you ample time to relax before the facial begins.