Traveling with your dog? 5 tips for safe air travel

    Pets are adorable and you can’t imagine living without them. In fact, even if you’re going on a vacation or work-related travel, you’d want to take your furry ball along.

    Now that we’re talking about pets, let’s talk about our faithful companions. Yes, your dog. Dog owners regardless of the size of their pet would want their canine friend to be present on the vacation. However, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind for your dog’s safety and well-being if you are taking them along.

    Make sure your dog fits under the seat

    The size of your puppy is critical when choosing if you can have him inside the cabin with you. Airlines have strict controls regarding the size of pet carriers and it is important that you know the rules.

    The pet carrier should fit underneath the seat in front of you. Most puppies that are 15 pounds or less can fit easily into the ordered size of the aircraft endorsed pet carrier.

    Choose a comfortable pet carrier for your dog

    Look into your aircraft’s prerequisites regarding the size and kind of transporter you may get your pet. While every airline differs slightly, most require the transporter to be in the vicinity of 16 and 19 inches long or less, and around 10 inches tall. Never try to fit your pup in a transporter that is too little for him, it would only stress him further.

    Likewise, something critical to note is that your dog’s carrier will now turn into your carry-on. That implies that you are just permitted to have one other personal thing in the cabin. You should stow the other carry-on to keep your dog by your feet, try to pick a carrier with additional pockets as an afterthought for your book, magazines, and other items you need to keep handy.

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    Outfit the Crate/Carrier

    There are certain things you will need to put outside and inside the carrier to make it ‘travel ready.’ Place a couple of dark orange color LIVE ANIMAL stickers on the outside of the carrier. Most airlines will do this as a convention, however, it doesn’t hurt to have them on the container before you arrive at the airport to tell individuals there is a dog inside.

    The second thing is to type up a one-page profile of your dog that includes your contact details such as the phone number. Also, attach a letter that states something like: “Hello there, I’m Tasha. I am a decent Labrador retriever, and I don’t bite. It would be ideal if you contact my folks on the off chance I am lost, and I’ll most likely be nourished and strolled if our flight is postponed so I can calm myself. I’ll be always thankful!” Tape this to the outside of the case, add a headline: “In case I’m lost or delayed.” Also, ensure water and food bowls are kept inside the box. You might need to incorporate two or three delicate toys that your dog loves and perhaps a T-shirt that has your fragrance. Tape a little sack of food and a leash to the top of the container.

    Check the length of the flight

    Check the length of the flight and try to book an immediate flight when at all possible to keep away from plane changes or deferrals and lost baggage. It is imperative to match the length of the flight with that of your dog’s personality and what he can deal with. Regardless of whether Fido is being dispatched as cargo or is riding in the cabin, flight duration will help figure out what Fido will experience during travel. Consider whether Fido can be in his container for the entire span of the flight.

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    Check airline policies

    Every airline has distinctive requirements and arrangements where flying with the dog is concerned. Check with the airline’s strategies when flying with a dog regarding appropriate feed times, when to land at the airplane terminal, pet hotel prerequisites, required veterinarian records, costs included and weight limits. There might be more necessities for various airlines.

    Check that the cabin for Fido is climate controlled and pressurized. Most commercial airlines will take care of this, and in the event that they don’t then you will need to pick another airline that pressurizes and controls the atmosphere where your puppy will be kept. When traveling in a certain climate, you will need to know whether your puppy will be exposed to the harsh conditions or remain protected.

    There you have it. These five tips will ensure that your canine friend remains comfortable throughout the flight and you have a great time on your vacation.

    Rachael Everly
    Rachael Everly
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