Fashion Trend Coverage Over the Years


Indian dresses and its fashion trend and are globally popular, there are many changes occurs in fashion industry over the years. So with this infographic we explain how fashion trend changes and how online shopping is popular nowadays as compare to earlier time shopping trend.


Infographic Source

  • its amazing how fashion changes and over a period comes back to the same thing…
    great infographics (isn’t that what they are called)? :p

    • Yes, that’s what they are called. And, yes, the term ‘retro’ doesn’t exist for nothing. After a few years today’s trend would be retro and come back into style 😀

  • That’s so true….it’s not open,several choices, more reasonable …liked the post 🙂

  • Nice to know the transformation over the years! Amazing infographic 🙂

  • bushra

    Lovely info graphic!!