Isha Foundation and Project GreenHands, the saviour of the Earth

‘Do work without expecting a reward’, is the core philosophy of Isha Sadhguru’s philanthropic endeavours. This is amply underlined in its Project GreenHands (PGH),...
Muay Thai training camp

Modern Muay Thai training camp in Thailand for health, harmony, and strength

Have you ever thoughts about going to Thailand on your next holiday? Many people share the same idea, but there are certain things that...

10 Great Tips to Overcome Your Loss of Motivation

Loss of motivation is the experience we all want to avoid but still regularly encounter throughout all our lives. No matter how inspired we...

Aham Brahmasmi – A Heart Warming and Profound Message from Wai Lana

Aham Brahmasmi is a lovely attempt to spread the yoga message - "That we are eternal beings and we never cease to exist". The...
Stress Free

5 Tips for Living a Stress-Free Life

Many years ago, I found myself going from one doctor to another because I had developed some strange food allergies. They couldn’t find what...

Origin of numerology and its current relevance

Numerology has emerged as an important branch of the numerical science of future reading. It is based on the numeral logic that guides us...
Cleaning House

How to Make House Cleaning Free of Allergens

There is nothing more annoying to people suffering from allergies than having to deal with pollen in the air or excessive amounts of dust...

10 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life

Stress is one of the health problems affecting so many people from young to old. It can be medically treated or treated orally through...

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