Top 10 steps to transforming desperation into inspiration

    We have been living and dealing in a world where there is neck-to-neck competition for everything we encounter. From the beginning of your life to its approaching end all you can think is to deal with the fact- how to strive in this competitive world. It is evident that is you are running a rat race for every time you think of doing something, then sometimes you might win and the other times you might end up losing. That is when the process of defining yourself begins because when you win you get motivated to do better but when you lose you get demoralized for a while but then some of us may transform that defeat into an inspiration or we can just further demean ourselves. The choice is entirely ours and depends completely on us. So here is a little homework help we have done for you to understand how you can succeed at making your desperation an inspiration for you to move forward.

    Let us have a look at the following 10 steps that will help in transforming desperation into inspiration:

    Desperation is necessary

    Desperation is definitely required to take you forward because it is the feeling of hunger and hopelessness when you want to achieve something. But often people transform it to the negative aspect leading to making irrational decisions about life. So instead of taking it to the negative side we must use it as our foundation to help us as a driving force taking us to the success we want to achieve. Let it become the inspiration you always wanted to have.

    Having a clear vision

    It is important for you to keep your mission and vision always in your mind even while being desperate. This is what is going to keep you focused and inspire you every once in a while when you are about to take the wrong turn in the path. It will stop you from being diverted and inspiration will stay alive. This is the good thing about desperation, it never lets you forgot “what you are being desperate for”!

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    Learn to be more accountable, responsible and capable:

    You have got to teach yourself to have a full control over yourself so that there is no chance of screwing up with anything. What is happening around you is providing you an opportunity to learn and grow. You just need to develop a strong understanding for that matter of fact that why you are being desperate when you can just be calm and act wisely.

    Stop victimizing yourself

    Desperation usually begins to ambush you when you are victimizing yourself and thinking that everything and everyone in the world is turning on you. But this is not the case; everyone has had their share of hardships and now is your turn. So you have to get up and move past all of these things to inspire yourself and remind yourself that you are capable enough to get up and wave all this away.

    Read the stories of all successful people

    When you happen to read the tragic stories of all the huge entrepreneurs and successful people you will get to know that the road of success was never easy for any one of them. Still the managed to come out shining high in the sky that is where you will get your inspiration and motivation to pick your pieces.

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    Use what is breaking you

    If you manage to use the thing that is breaking you to help yourself then you might unleash the new aspect of leading a happy and peaceful life. Find it and use it against it only then you can lead to where you had always wanted to be.

    Find a way to turn the desperation

    You need to look for the alternate ways by which you can transform your desperation into your inspiration of getting successful and your growth. This change is mandatory for you to bring just by doing a little homework help. This is what you are here for so instead of wasting your lives on making irrational moves make some successful ones!

    100% commitment

    When you have finally decided to move past all the wrong things, you need to give your 100% to the task you have taken up on. This is your time to show that your desperation has inspired you to move forward leaving all the irrationality behind for your own good.

    Powerful Communications

    You need to strong-arm yourself while communicating with the people you meet. Show them your confident side instead of your desperate side. Leave an influential impact on the people in every encounter you have. This is going to give you a kick-start and strength that you needed.

    So this is now on you how you want your desperation to treat you – either drown you or bring out the best in you. Make sure you drag your desperation in to the positivity so that you have the inspiration to build something you.

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    Nishant Sinha
    Nishant Sinha
    Nishant Sinha is the co-founder of, an online homework help platform for students of Graduation and Post-Graduation level. It has been his passion and vision to help the students across the globe that he along with his co-founder started with this venture.

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