How to handle cramps before the period

The occurrence of cramps before the period and dull pain in the abdomen are the symptoms girls often face. They cause you a lot of difficulties in your daily life. Initial cramps are just contractions in the lower abdomen. Then it will spread down to the waist, and to the thigh, gradually down to the calf. The reason is due to more blood flow through the cervix. These symptoms disappear as your menstrual cycle ends.

So how do you handle it during your menstrual period?

Every day you exercise lightly with some foot swinging, so you will release the toxic chemicals into your body and make you more comfortable.

Take a warm bath, or soak in a hot tub with aromatic essential oils to relax

Using essential oils to relax is also an effective way to minimize the symptoms of cramps before the period.

Wrap the bag warm up the body, especially the abdomen to relax.

Eat more fruits, vegetables. Or some of the products recommended by doctors for a nutritional supplement for the girlfriend on the red light day.

Do not eat salty foods, foods high in fat.

Do not drink coffee or alcohol. Limit the use of canned drinks or sugary drinks.

Take painkillers if you are too painful and go to the hospital for a visit. Experts know who your condition is and will help you easily overcome it.

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If you apply the above and go through your period easily, congratulations on having a normal menstrual period. For some people with weakened bodies, or some gynecological diseases, dealing with cramps before the period and dysmenorrhea is very difficult.

Most girls who have a longer menstrual cycle, or at a higher level than others, have to go to the doctor. However, you can also apply the measures we discussed above to minimize the symptoms.

How to handle cramps before the period


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