Women’s Best Friends during their Menstrual cycle

    Periods come as a package deal of becoming a woman through adolescence.  Unfortunately, once a month, they make life extremely uncomfortable.  With age, handling the painful PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms, migraines, blood clots, period poops, skin breakouts, exhaustion, and extreme hormonal imbalance becomes a ritual.  Things like a menstrual pain tablet may temporarily ease the pain but it never gets easier. 

    A healthy menstrual cycle is crucial for a woman’s sexual health, reproductive health, etc. One must do everything  to cushion their period discomfort. These are 6 things will be your best friend throughout:

    1. Period Tracking Apps: It’s annoying and mentally exhausting to track your cycle.. Without sufficient preparation, everything gets worse when periods sneak up on you.  Modern technology has given usmany period tracking apps to track  period dates, period length, blood flow, etc. . You get regular reminders before your period’s arrival.
    1. Acupressure: It’s  a simple yet effective method  when your period cramps start hurting. You can locate two very easy spots on your hand:
      1. Between the base of your thumb.
      2. Between the base of your index finger.

    Press these spots gently, alternating between the two within a few seconds. Do this exercise for 2-5 minutes and switch to your other hand. 

    1. Orgasms:  Period sex or masturbation is an important part of a healthy sexual life. Having an orgasm during your period can help reduce period pain by contracting the uterus and increasing easy blood flow. It triggers multiple happy hormones in your brain. You get  a euphoric feeling along with additional relief from symptoms like headache, back pain, mood swings and such.
    1. Dark Chocolate:  Menstruators are well-acquainted with chocolate cravings during periods.  But dark chocolate works wonders on menstrual cramps. Due to  high magnesium and copper content, it reduces the  production of compounds that signal cramps. It relaxes your muscles, which naturally relieves cramps and body ache.
    1. Yoga:  It’s healthy to do yoga, regardless of periods.But there are a few poses that immensely  benefit you during periods, such as the ‘Head to Knee Pose’ (Janu Sirsasana), the ‘Cobbler’s Pose’ (Baddha Konasana), the ‘Seated Straddle’ (Upavistha Konasana), etc. These asanas focus on your pelvic region, hamstrings, calves, hips, back, etc. and help relieve pain, bloating, and trapped gas.
    1. Menstrual Pain Tablet: There’s no shame in having a menstrual pain tablet to ease your period.! Popping an organic painkiller from health stores like Kindly Health will  greatly help in relieving menstrual issues.

    In conclusion, simple period companions like a menstrual pain tablet, dark chocolate, yoga, period tracking apps and acupressure definitely make your cycle easier to get through. Check out menstrual pain tablet options available at Kindly Health and take your pick!

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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