7 Ways to Be Happy With What You Have

    Life brings both sad and happy moments but at the end, it is people who choose their emotions. Of course, controlling the things that happen to us is not always possible and there are certainly times where happiness is not an option, but in most cases, people can control their mindset and actions in order to choose happiness. As one of the most successful authors in the world, J.K.Rowling once wrote: ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.’ 

    There are several ways to be happy with what you already have. In order to help you find happiness, we have set up a list of 7 ways to achieve this.

    Stop Comparing Your Life to Those of Others

    Even if you are the richest or healthiest person in the world, you have certainly felt envy many times in life. Why is this? All people share the emotion of jealousy of what others have and this is what usually keeps them away from happiness.

    Learning how to stop comparing yourself to others is something you can definitely work on. After you grasp the idea of not looking at what others have, you will stop being upset that you do not have the house your neighbor has or the car your cousin owns.

    Focus on the Things You Do Have

    People are often frustrated for things they do not have, usually for one of two reasons. The first is a reaction to something you have lost, while the second is a reflection of seeing something others have and you want.

    Feeling this way is normal, but being unhappy for what you do not have is certainly not good for you. Take a moment to think about what you have instead. If it helps, think about the things you have but others do not. This may seem a bit mean and contradictive to the previous advice, but thinking about people who do not have the essential things for happiness can certainly help you appreciate your life.

    If it’s In the Past, Let it Go!

    If you are spending hours before finally being able to fall asleep just thinking about what you could have done in a situation that went wrong, you are choosing to be unhappy. No one has the ability to change what happened and yet, we spend most of the days worrying about past actions. A good way to change your mood is if you stop spending the time focusing of what could have been and use it to think of what can be.

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    Happy Memories are Your Secret Weapon

    Even when everything goes downhill, focusing on your happiest memories can bring you back up. Try to avoid thinking of bad memories, but instead, use the good ones when you are having a bad day.

    No one can be happy at all times. However, we all have something in the past to be thankful for and focusing on that instead of feeling sad and worried is a great strategy for improving your mood.

    Surround Yourself With Things That Make You Happy

    Things that make you happy can be easily found. Even something as simple as a warm cup of tea in front of the TV can release the tension you are feeling and make you indulge in a short moment of happiness. If you start feeling tired, anxious, sad or frustrated, make sure to add little things that you enjoy doing in your schedule. Meet with positive people, eat your favorite meal or take a trip to meet an old friend.

    Set New Goals

    Working towards a set goal can take your mind off bad things. Having a goal gives you a reason to act on something and brings satisfaction once it is completed. Each milestone you will reach will bring some happiness, so try to set goals whenever you need something to keep you occupied. You can achieve anything you dream about, you can quit your job to become an actor, learn a new language, create a blog or start writing for the best writing services and travel around the world.

    Buy Yourself Some Happiness

    Yes, yes, people say that happiness cannot be bought, but aren’t you going to feel better once you buy something you really wanted? Haven’t you noticed how shopping makes girls so happy and men get really excited when they see an amazing car?

    We are not saying that you should spend a fortune on a car of in a store, but you can always make yourself feel better by purchasing small things. Buy yourself a pair of boots to add to your collection or rent the car of your dreams for a couple of hours. Even a small thing like a box of your favorite chocolate can bring you joy.

    Even the idea of it makes you happier, doesn’t it? Learning how to be happy with what you have is a crucial step in creating positive thinking. Once you learn how to do this, you will be able to leave all that negative energy behind.

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