5 Brilliant Reasons For Rising With The Sun

    Early to bed and early to rise is really a big task for some of us. Plus with the current lifestyle, waking up early & fresh sounds almost impossible! And we may not realise it in today’s rat race (saying it through personal experiences) but such a negative way of living somehow does effects at a later stage. For a few of us the night time is that satisfying “me” time. But on the other hand, there also are people who are adamant about their 9 pm (sleeping time) to 5 am (waking time) routine.

    According to ayurveda, morning is the best time to plan a fully functional routine (dinacharya), arrange all the activities, promote better performance and lessen your stress for rest of the day. It basically corrects your body clock and enhances the cognitive abilities. You start to feel less heavy & sluggish. And gradually begin to develop the sweet repertoire of actions for building the satvik dinacharya (pious routine). So let’s looks at some other reasons to why Ayurveda encourages you to rise with the sun and feel the constructive energy.

    You start to schedule your day properly

    Ayurveda suggests that the early morning hours are those when the Vata Dosha gets most dominant. At this time, Vata gets naturally active and governs the movement & functioning of your system. Hence you have the opportunity to plan your day in advance. And the earlier your routine gets planned, the more productively you spend your time.

    You may be a night owl and are happily doing with this lifestyle but it can cause many health problems along with creating a social jetlag. Another important thing, post 10 pm it is the time for pitta to be active. Hence it is difficult for people to sleep after 10 pm and they find themselves wide awake working on something or the other.

    Therefore, try and sleep at or before 10 pm to wake up early and stimulate your senses. Feel the freshness of air, start your day with a warm honey lemon drink and try to perform yoga for 10 to 15 minutes. You would start to feel the difference in a few days. And arranging your daily activities the way you want would definitely bring satisfaction.

    You get the time to discover the hidden self

    Morning is a pious time when your mental temperament is most active. And it is a fact that our brain activity is on the go during first half of the day. Therefore for the early risers achieving their goals becomes easy as it increases the concentration levels. One can easily get distracted from the life goals during the latter half of the day.  So you should try and use this time for taking your life under control. And do not let your negative emotions rule. Discover the true self. Listen to your body. Schedule the favourite or important things for the morning. And gradually you will start finding all good reasons for waking up early.

    It is the perfect time for self improvement

    Ayurveda recommends waking up before the sun as that is the perfect time when your body is in tune with the nature. The 2 am to 6 am period is the time of Vata. So if you wake up before 6am, the natural wave lets you glide through the day effortlessly. Post 6 am till 10 am is the Kapha time where the energy tends to be slow and steady.

    So by following the Vata cycle, you can rise before or with the sun and have time for self improvement. You can spend some time with your family. Go for a walk, exercise or perform yoga. Start your day with a peaceful mind. Focus on things that make you happy. Sing your favourite song. And avoid all the rush. Believe me, you feel energetic and start the workday without any stress.

    You start eating breakfast and lunch

    I guess there would be no person who hasn’t heard about how important the “breakfast” is. Throughout the life we have heard how beneficial this meal of the day is. And this again is through my personal experience, that when you start rising early you would start loving this meal time. And you certainly would not want to miss it!

    Though Ayurveda recommends making your “lunch” the ideal (biggest) meal as the digestive fire (agni) is strongest in those hours & let your dinner be the lightest of all. But it also suggests that the habit of having your breakfast holds extreme importance for your health and has a positive meaning. So ensure not to skip the habit and make the intake moderate & light (for easy digestion) to help you fuel your body. As skipping the breakfast leads to an uneven temper that imbalance the sadhaka pitta which is a sub dosha of pitta.

    You remain two steps ahead of everyone

    Any modification to your current routine may be a little time consuming but Ayurveda believes in gradual changes only. Achieving the right habit may feel disheartening because you have been doing the wrong things are used to those. Therefore, no matter how small the changes are, try incorporating them step by step. Try setting an intent which in itself would help you unleash your creative potential. And this would in turn develop your self confidence and you start to work two steps ahead of your competitors.

    Steadily you also learn to settle the unpleasant matters as early as possible. And solving uncomfortable things early in the morning reduces the levels of stress & anxiety to certain extent. You live the whole day with fullest energy and feel the satisfaction of your responsibilities being complete.

    If you still think that you aren’t able to cope with this routine, initiate the habit on weekends. Start by trying to sleep early. Make sure to get away with things that can distract your sleep. For instance, have your dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed. Turn off the lights while sleeping. And let open any source with allows in the natural day light so your body gets the signal to not produce sleep hormones when it’s time to rise. You can start small, take steps gradually but the most important thing is to “make that move”. And when you regularly start following the routine, your body will itself understand the signals and function in a positive manner!

    Shubha Aggarwal
    Shubha Aggarwal
    Shubha is an Ayurveda enthusiast! Loves Yoga and Meditation! She is the founder of Ayurvedum and is on a mission to help everyone world over live a naturally healthy and balanced life by following an Ayurveda lifestyle. Ayurveda is the ancient wisdom of life from India dating back 5000 years that is as relevant even in the current modern society. Help spread the goodness of Ayurveda with her!

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