Tips on How to Make Your Shopping Smart

    Shopping is distressing, shopping is fun. Shopping is an inbuilt trait in all human and it is almost impossible to get rid of it. We shop for things what we need, for what we want and also buy things we don’t need and want. All is well until it starts pinching our pockets. We may get addicted to buying things, delve on shopping more and more.

    Here are tips and tricks to make shopping cost friendly and fun at the same time.

    Don’t get carried away

    Retailers know the tricks and trade of wooing the customers in buying more and more products. It is on customers to be smart and shop wisely. Managing money is of utmost importance to save few extra pennies for the rainy day. Here is where money management tricks comes into fore.

    One such trick lies in creating a list of what to buy, strictly follow the list and be careful of not getting carried away to temptations.

    Shop wisely

    It is usually the psychology of people to think buying fewer quantities will save more money, but this acts the other way round. Instead of spending fewer money we end up spending more than what was contemplated. It is wiser to buy more quantity especially in case of essential products. This can’t be called hoarding, as buying in larger quantities of what is needed will save extra pennies which would otherwise be spend unknowingly.

    Go digital way

    With technology lot of our day-to-day workload has been shed off. Now with just a click lot of works can be sorted with ease, e.g. booking tickets, payment of money, transfer of money and shopping too. There are plethora of sites that assists the user by providing variety of products. Also are listed their comparative prices in different stores, descriptions and discounts.

    Managing money becomes easier aiding one to keep a tab on their spending mechanisms.

    One of the most important thing to remember in case of online shopping is to again not fall for the temptations.

    Put some thought

    Many a times we go for shopping to buy essential commodities that are needed and end up buying things falling for temptations. Most of these buying are done falling for emotions. The biggest task while managing money and shopping effectively is to put some thought process before buying any product. Ask yourself whether the product is needed or not. If yes, is it necessary to buy it immediately or can the purchase be stalled for next time.

    By categorizing expenses based on important and miscellaneous can help in managing expenses with efficiency.

    Shopping Partner

    Often when we go for shopping alone, we end up adding more products into our cart, which we realize are not so important. Psychologists say, shopping becomes more effective and fun when choosing a proper partner to go shopping with. Your shopping partner can prove to be your money manager, guiding you better on what is to be bought and what is essentially needed to be bought.

    Choose your shopping partner smartly, with whose guidance a lot of extra money can be saved, keeping your bank balance healthy.

    Time of shopping

    It is often found, shopping done when down or bored, can prove dangerous to your bank account’s health. In boredom and depression or equally when extremely happy, the customer ends up buying more products under emotions oblivion to whether they are needed or not.

    Realization strikes later when the extra zeros starts vanishing off your account and it’s too late to lament over the split milk. It is advisable and recommended to never indulge in shopping spree when too happy or too sad, which would in bargain effect your money management badly.

    Aishwarya Raghunath
    Aishwarya Raghunath
    Aishwarya Raghunath has penned this post. She is a voracious reader and frugal by personality. When she is not working she is busy writing articles on expense manager and personal finance. You can read her blog Desi Hisab-a cashbook app.

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