Is It Still All About the Face Shape? the New Rules on Choosing the Right ‘Do for You

    Face shape – oval, heart, long, square – used to be the standard for choosing the right hairstyle. But those days are gone as different criteria and techniques as well as thinking outside the box have become the way to decide on a hairstyle. While you don’t want to ignore face shape, there are other factors that may be more important when looking for a flattering cut and style.

    Work with Texture

    The texture of your hair plays an important role in what kind of styles will not only work but also look good on you. Find a cut and style that works with and not against your hair. The first step is to determine whether you have fine, medium, or course hair texture because each has different needs. Limp, fine hair needs a cut that adds volume. Course hair needs a cut that gives shape and keeps some weight at the bottom to prevent wispy ends. Long beach waves work well for someone with medium curly hair while a blunt cut helps keep tight curls under control. Don’t try to make your hair something that it is not. If you’re unsure of the texture of your hair, ask your stylist.

    Consider Body Type

    Is It Still All About the Face Shape? the New Rules on Choosing the Right ‘Do for You 1

    Your body type also plays an important role in finding a flattering hairstyle. For those with a petite frame, styles in the extreme, too short or too long, can create an imbalance. For example, overly long hair can make a petite woman look even shorter. Full-figures can be nicely balanced with a sleek style that steers clear of extra volume. A slender or willowy figure needs volume. You can even create the illusion of curves by creating waves in the hair. Know your body and what you want to do to enhance what you’ve already got.


    A flattering cut that requires 45 minutes of styling each morning when you are a person who wants to shower and walk out the door is not going to be a good fit. Be honest with yourself, how much time do you want to spend fixing your hair? High maintenance hair may end up with more bad hair days than if you choose a style that is easier to maintain. For those that want to shower and go, you may think a pixie cut is an answer but that’s not always the case. Many shortcuts require styling each day which includes gels, mousses or pomades, and hair drying. Mid to long hair may be the answer because it can easily be pulled back into a sleek ponytail or bun in a matter of minutes.

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    Enhance Facial Features

    Here’s where we come back to the face. As much as we’d all like to throw old rules out, you don’t want to completely ignore face shape. But more important than the shape of your face is the balance of your features. Is there a feature you would like to highlight or hide? If you have amazing eyes, blunt cut bangs set at the brow line are going to draw attention to your favorite feature. Whether it’s your smile or cheekbones, there are cuts that can bring out those features you love most. Bangs can be used to hide or disguise any number of facial features as well. They can make a large forehead appear smaller or be swept back to create height on a small forehead. The right cut can be used to balance, hide, or enhance your face.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold

    While rules are there to help you find something flattering, don’t be afraid to break them. Experimenting with color, cut, and style is all part of discovering what makes you unique. If dying your hair turquoise is what you want, do it. The thing to keep in mind is a balance. A bright hair color can be balanced with a classic cut. Before you jump into any style understand what it takes to maintain and keep it looking fabulous. Let the rules act as a guide and use them to find something that not only looks great but lets your personality shine.

    Cari Samalik
    Cari Samalik
    Cari Samalik is a Michigan based entrepreneur and Mom and the CEO & co-founder of Livnfresh – a state related T-shirt brand. Previously, she worked in the healthcare, and food and beverage industries before marrying into a screen printing business.

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