A Secret Key To Happiness—Make Gratitude Your Attitude

When was the last time you took a long deep breath in and thought, “Ah! I am alive, how great is that!” or for that matter, when was the last time you felt grateful for anything? 🙂

Life offers us infinite opportunities to be grateful, every single day. I believe we don’t need some big event or some life changing dramatic situation to be grateful. We can be grateful for so many little things every day.

As I wake up in the morning and wear my warm socks, I feel grateful that I have something to prevent my feet from getting cold. And I feel grateful as I sip warm coffee, sitting on a comfortable couch. As the phone rings, and I hear my loved ones voice from thousands of miles away, I feel grateful for the technology, and yes I feel grateful that I can hear, understand and respond! I feel grateful as I listen to the chirping of birds, and I feel grateful as I stand beneath the big trees, I feel grateful as I look at stars shining like jewels in the sky, and I feel grateful as the cool breeze touches my face. I feel grateful when someone smiles at me and yes, I feel grateful that I can see, witness and feel amazed at the beauty of this world. I feel grateful every time I have a meal and I feel grateful that I have the luxury of eating what I want and when I want. And as I write this article, I feel grateful that I can read, write and express, grateful that I have an education.

All these things I have listed are actually the miracles of life we witness every day that we take for granted. When was the last time, you felt grateful for them or for many other such precious but “taken for granted” things? In the world where we get “upset” if our Facebook profile picture does not get enough likes, there is a dire need for attitude of gratitude. We realize the value of something when we lose it, but forget to relish, admire or appreciate it, when it is right in front of our eyes. That is why the need for gratitude, for it not only makes us appreciate the beauty of life but makes us live every moment to the fullest.

Let us all do this experiment, of feeling grateful for each and everything for one day, and we will be amazed at the difference it makes. Let us make GRATITUDE an ATTITUDE, for life is too short and way too precious to be spent in cribbing and complaining. 🙂


  1. An excellent article.. A very well fabricated and written.. Being humble and have gratitude towards Lord is a virtue.. We learn it with proper guidance and the right guru is needed to guide our path..

  2. Aesop has said, “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls”.
    I am a practising attorney at law. While going to work, I feel the warmth of sun each single morning and thank God for it. We humans have been given the highest priority by almighty. I personally feel, why shouldn’t we make each day of our lives count.
    But then, the present day run, for the livelihood and the fights of life, I can imagine how hard it must be to some. I wish good luck to the author for imparting such wisdom. May we get some further knowledge on keeping calm and being humble in midst of such madness. Thanks.

  3. hmmm…very beautifully framed..v forget to feel grateful for every small thing we get from god,we forget to enjoy it because we get clutched…feeling gratitude for each n every moment god is giving to us is our basic nature,but our greed,grief,ego etc etc stops us to thankful for everything we have…we forget our basic nature is love,happiness,calmness,peace,austerity,compassion etc…and hence falleasy prey to troubles…happiness is in the moment…BE HERE,JUST HERE…!!
    bahut hi umdaa likha hai aapne bhabhi…its just so fantastic…each n every word is just so full of knowledge!!many many applauds,laurels and kudos for such an article!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Welcome Rashmi. I just read your recent article. I am mystified by the wisdom you have achieved at such an young age. I will be looking forward to more articles from you.
    PS- This is Mrs Robin. Never mind though. 🙂