Shaving irritation can ruin your mood all day. And what if there is an important meeting ahead? We will tell you what helps with irritation after shaving and how to shave to avoid it

    Is skin irritation something you deal with every time you shave? Weekly stubble that grows on its own looks unkempt, but red spots with acne don’t add to the appeal. In fact, it is very easy to avoid irritation after shaving. The main thing is to know why it appears and how to deal with it. We will talk about this in our article.


    Shaving irritation occurs for a variety of reasons. Among them are improper shaving, poor quality tools, a dull blade and insufficient skin hydration.

    The first mistake that can cause irritation is shaving against hair growth. It seems to you that you are cutting the bristles at the root, but with it you scrape off the protective layer of the skin, while driving the hairs deeper. An active process of skin regeneration starts, a new layer covers the hair follicles, and the bristles begin to grow sideways. At best, after shaving, red spots and pimples will appear, at worst, ingrown hairs.

    Much also depends on the choice of the machine. Ideally, the blade should fit snugly against the skin and slide under the weight of the handle. That is why connoisseurs of a close shave choose the classic T-shaped looms made of metal.

    If you press too much on the razor while shaving, the blade will injure your skin. It may not end with cuts, but irritation is guaranteed. The same goes for a dull blade: if you notice that it has become worse to shave off, you need to replace it immediately, and not drive the machine back and forth in an attempt to cut the remaining stubble. All this will lead to itching.

    The quality of your shave is directly dependent on hydration, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. It is good if you use shaving foam or gel, but, in addition, before starting the procedure, you need to steam the skin, and after that, apply a soothing agent.

    **Be careful not to clog the blade with hair. Remember to rinse it after every move.


    Separately, it should be said about the irritation from the electric shaver. Unlike conventional razors, electric shavers are suitable for dry shaving, but the method itself can irritate even men with normal skin. The reason is insufficient moisture. If you’ve never used an electric shaver before, it’s best to buy one that works for both dry and wet shaving.

    Consider your skin type when choosing an electric shaver. There are two types of machines: rotary and mesh. The former are suitable for men with thick skin and stiff bristles, while the latter are suitable for those with sensitive skin and soft bristles.


    If you want to minimize the chances of irritation, try to follow these guidelines:

    1. It is best to shave in the evening. Firstly, you do not have to rush anywhere, and secondly, the skin will have time to recover while you sleep. This is especially important if you shave every day. The skin should rest. Skip the weekend procedure if you can’t afford to shave every other day.

    2. To steam the skin, it is enough to take a shower. Warm water and steam will expand pores and soften hair.

    3. Before proceeding, create a layer of foam or gel if you shave with a wet method. This way the razor will have less contact with the skin and the blade will glide better.

    If you have soft hair, you can use shaving oil. It is also convenient because you will see in which direction the bristles grow.

    4. Shave with smooth, light strokes as your hair grows. Do not put pressure on the handle of the machine.

    5. After completing the procedure, wash yourself with cold water. Use a special product that will soothe your skin. It can be a cream, a balm, an after-shave gel or even a baby cream: now it’s not a problem to choose what is right for you. The main thing is that there is no alcohol in the composition of the product.


    It also happens that you shave correctly, use good products, and the skin still responds to you with irritation. If you notice redness even during the procedure, apply a compress after shaving: wet a towel with cold water and leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes. This will tighten the pores and soothe the skin.

    Does the irritation appear as peeling and itching? Use scrubs and peels when washing your face. To combat irritation, opt for medicated brands such as La Roche-Posay, Skin Doctors, and others. As a rule, they contain components that not only gently exfoliate the skin, but also have antibacterial properties.

    If you have acne after shaving, tea tree oil can help. Dissolve 3-4 drops of essential oil in two tablespoons of water, apply the mixture to a cotton pad and wipe the inflamed areas. Leave the mixture to soak for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This procedure must be repeated twice a day.

    Using natural origin beard oil prevents irritation, relieves discomfort and heals microtrauma. If your skin starts to itch and becomes bumpy, apply a little of the product to your face and begin to massage in.

    Another after-shave acne remedy is sure to end up in your medicine cabinet. We’re talking about aspirin. Crush a few tablets and mix with a little water to form a paste. Leave the mixture on your skin for 10 minutes and wash off with water. Aspirin should not be used for allergies and hemophilia.

    Cleansers that contain sea salt or aloe extract dry well for inflammation. You can also buy panthenol ointment or spray at the pharmacy. This tool is an “ambulance” after shaving. Panthenol relieves itching, burning and accelerates the healing of microtraumas.

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    Julien Chbib
    Julien Chbib
    Bio- Julien is the founder of L’Élixir Cosmétiques, a Swiss brand producing cosmetics for men.

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