3 Great ways to Soothe Shaving Cuts

Man or woman, face or legs – it doesn’t matter, shaving cuts happen to all of us! As a normal part of many grooming and beauty regimes, shaving cuts are a very common complaint, and while they’re usually only small, they can really pack a punch when it comes to pain. The problem with shaving cuts is that even once the bleeding stops, they can continue to sting and itch for hours – even days – afterwards, so what are the best ways to soothe the pain after you cut yourself shaving?

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

There are many different uses for Vaseline, but did you know that Vaseline could help soothe any nicks and grazes you get while shaving? In fact, treating cuts and burns was one of the very first uses for Vaseline – oilmen would smear the jelly on their wounds while they were drilling to form a protective barrier, giving the skin time to heal and keeping harmful bacteria out. To soothe your shaving cut, simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly directly onto the sore area of skin – it’s triple filtered to remove impurities, so it’s perfectly safe to use on open wounds.


If your shaving graze is quite large and the bleeding can’t quickly and easily be stopped with a square of toilet paper, it can continue to feel quite raw and sore. The trick to stopping the bleeding? Honey! Honey is a natural astringent – something that encourages bodily tissues to contract, slowing down bleeding and helping to form a clot. Don’t have any honey to hand? No problem – witch hazel, aloe vera, rosemary, and chamomile also have natural astringent properties, along with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, but be warned they might sting a bit when you first put them onto the wound!

Frozen Peas

Can peas really help soothe shaving cuts? If they’re frozen they can! If you cut yourself shaving, your body recognizes the risk of harmful bacteria being introduced and responds by increasing blood flow to the sore area, causing painful inflammation that can be red and itchy. The good news is that just 10 minutes with an ice pack or bag of frozen peas can lower the temperature of the wounded skin, reduce swelling, and minimize pain. It’s a good idea to keep an ice pack handy in the freezer in case you cut yourself, but if you don’t have anything suitable a flannel dipped in cold water should help.

Are these unusual methods for soothing shaving cuts? Maybe. Are they effective? Yes! Who knew that one of the original uses for Vaseline was to treat cuts and burns? Who knew that a bag of frozen peas could be the answer you’ve been looking for to help heal your skin? The next time you cut yourself shaving, don’t just put up with the pain – treat it! There are many different home remedies that work excellently, and best of all they’re natural and completely safe.