Laser Skin Resurfacing Benefits – What Should You Know

    This cosmetic procedure is a safe, effective and convenient way of rejuvenating the skin. For people wanting to remove blemishes, scars, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles, laser skin resurfacing is a great solution. In addition, the procedure helps repair skin damage caused by smoking, the sun, ageing, and skin conditions like acne.

    The laser skin resurfacing treatment is a quick procedure that provides incredible and long-lasting results, which makes it unique as far as skincare solutions go. After the resurfacing procedure, your skin will look smoother, tighter and clearer than before. In essence, laser skin resurfacing can restore the skin’s former beauty to rejuvenate your look.

    How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Work?

    Essentially, a laser beam, controlled by a professional, vaporises the topmost layers of the skin. This removes any blemishes that are on the surface and reveals the layer of skin underneath, which is smoother and more youthful. The removal of this skin alongside the heat of the procedure stimulates new skin growth.

    Depending on a person’s wants and needs, the whole face might be treated or just specific areas like wrinkles around the eyes or mouth. Any area receiving treatment will get a dose of a local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort and pain during the procedure. Once the skin treatment is complete, those areas will be bandaged and treated appropriately to promote a good recovery.

    Laser skin resurfacing has lots of advantages. The three most important benefits are:

    • It’s simple and fast

    Laser skin resurfacing is a quick and easy procedure. Usually, the whole treatment will last less than one hour. Obviously, this will depend on how much skin is being treated. But, even for busy people, this procedure won’t take up a large part of a person’s schedule or day, meaning that you can go home straight away without having to stay overnight. As previously mentioned, this means the laser skin resurfacing procedure is not an obtrusive addition to a person’s calendar. For the quality results it gives, it is extremely effective and convenient.

    • Have incredible looking skin 

    Essentially, the reason for undergoing laser skin resurfacing treatment is to get incredible looking skin. Unlike skincare and base creams, skin resurfacing permanently alters the skin. It removes undesirable blemishes and problems and gives amazing results that can be seen from just one session, although a course of 4-6 treatments is usually needed for maximum effect.

    After laser skin resurfacing treatment, you will no longer need to conceal or cover unwanted wrinkles. The procedure will actually remove these! Sine, the uppermost layer of skin is removed, the wrinkles are also removed – they’re not filled or tightened, they’re just not there anymore. All of this will mean that the skin will look incredible and won’t need masking with makeup, creams or other skincare products.

    Since the top layer is completely removed, it will be replaced by new skin. Consider this; this new skin won’t have experienced sun damage or acne scarring like its predecessor. Simply put, it will look youthful, and it will be youthful! Ultimately, laser skin resurfacing makes you younger, as new radiant, youthful, and untouched skin appear.

    Another benefit of the laser skin resurfacing procedure is the heat produced. The laser’s heat will stimulate the cells to make the collagen thicker. Collagen is a protein, and it gives structure and strength to the skin. With thicker collagen, skin is tighter, firmer and is not as saggy or soft. Having fuller skin and a fuller face will give you a more youthful radiance and bring out your beauty.

    • Results that last forever

    This is arguably the most significant benefit of undergoing a laser skin resurfacing procedure. The new-look you’re left with is permanent. The results are impressive and long-lasting – they won’t fade, unlike other skincare solutions.

    Typically, base creams and face creams can’t do an awful lot; they might feel nice on your skin, but they can’t really do anything permanent. Laser skin resurfacing has permanent results. You are left with new skin that has said goodbye to the blemishes and scars of your past. Of course, this new skin layer will age too over time, but it won’t go back to how your old skin looked. Your skin will experience the ageing process from scratch. It’s essential, therefore, to take really good care of this new skin by protecting it and maintaining its moisture.

    With laser skin resurfacing, you get an entirely new skin layer while also revitalising the collagen in your skin. So not only does your skin get a new lease of life, but your face will be beautiful too.

    Final thoughts

    Given the fantastic results it provides, it’s surprising that laser skin resurfacing only takes about an hour to complete! It’s a straightforward procedure, and you can go home the very same day. As we’ve discussed, there are many reasons to choose laser skin resurfacing as the premium solution for your skin. 

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