How to pull up the gothic look and makeup?

    The gothic look may not be for everyone but for those who can pull it off, going “Goth” can have a very dark and dramatic effect. This subculture has been shrouded in mystery for some time now but many young people are growing fond of the gothic appearance. If you want to try the gothic look it is important that you do it right in order to become a genuine Goth gal.

    For centuries, people have stereotyped and misunderstood those who take part in the gothic culture. Because the word “gothic” means something different to each person, there is no known ideal definition for what it means to be gothic. Many young people turn to the gothic culture as a means of connecting with others like them. This is obviously stated in the way they dress, wear their hair and makeup and the way they carry themselves.

    One of the main staples of the gothic look is the makeup. If done wrong, this look can quickly go from mysterious to downright ridiculous. The typical gothic girl sports a pale, white complexion. If you aren’t naturally pale, then you can use makeup to create what Goths refer to as “whiteface.” The purpose of whiteface is to create the illusion that you actually possess a very pale complexion. If you look like a clown, chances are you’ve done it wrong. The best way to achieve the proper whiteface is to use a good base. This means you can’t rely on a cheaply made base from the drugstore. You’ll want to invest in a good quality product to get the best results. However, if you have darker skin, then whiteface may not work for you regardless of how well you put on the makeup. The only exceptions are if you are willing to put the white makeup on all exposed areas to match your face or if you are purposely going for the stylized harlequin look.

    For the naturally pale, you’ll want to go for a base that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin color. By adding white powder over your base, you’ll be able to create the ethereal, grayish illusion to your skin. When applying your base, make sure you are doing it under a good source of light. The key is to get even coverage. When it comes time to apply the powder, don’t overdo it or else you’ll look silly. Just as with base and powder of a different shade, it is important to remember to blend your makeup well and stretch it to a little past your jaw line. You don’t want to make the mistake of sporting the “two-tone” look.

    Next is the eyeliner. The best type for a long-lasting effect is liquid liner. However, if you are better with pencil, then that’s fine, too, but you’ll want to make sure to use a good quality liner that won’t smudge or streak. There are no die-hard rules for applying liner. In this sense, you are free to express yourself as you see fit. Line the top and bottom if you’d like. It’s all about enhancing your eyes so you don’t have to worry about the “less is more” rule. The finishing touch to gothic makeup is lipstick. The most common shades are blood red, browns and black for those who can pull it off. Stay away from fire engine reds and pinks. Theatrical supply stores sell great shades of red lipstick for Goths. Apply your lip color with a lip brush for the best results.

    And maybe a little dilute the blue?

    How to wear blue eye shadow?

    Out of all the eye shadows, blue is the most pretty but also the most difficult to pull off. The actual makeup application isn’t the problem – it’s being able to work with the right shade and making sure that it suits your outfit and skin tone. Many think that blue eye shadow should stay frozen in the days of disco but if you’ve got the right knowledge about what blue eye shadow will work for you, there should be no reason why you can’t rock this awesome shade without criticism.

    So who is responsible for the “no blue eye shadow” rule? No one knows but after a few decades of nothing but blue eye shadow, it was only a matter of time before society in general got sick of it and turned to other shades. However, that should no longer be the case. If you can manage to find the right shade to suit you, your eye makeup will be the talk of the town and not the kind that draws gossip. The easiest way to learn what blue eye shadow you should be adding to your makeup collection is to know what shade complements your complexion. Not all blue eye shadow looks good on everyone so it’s all about making your look unique. Own the color and you’ll be all set.

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    For brown complexions, you’ll want to find a great eggshell blue shade to apply across your crease. Pull the color down towards the hooded part of your eye and if you really want to stay true blue, follow it up with blue mascara on the upper and lower lashes. If that sounds like too much, stick with the eggshell blue on your lids and use your regular black mascara (brown mascara against the blue may make your lashes look like they’ve disappeared so avoid this color of mascara). Olive complexioned gals look fabulous in icy or silver-blue shades. The contrast against the skin creates a completely ethereal appearance. Ladies with olive skin should stay away from eye shadow shades that contain yellows or oranges since this is the common undertone for olive skin.

    Porcelain princesses can also rock blue eye shadow with the right shade. Pale-skinned brunettes should stick to blue eye shadow shades that shimmer and are more on the blue-purplish side. Using this color on the outer edges of your upper eyelids will create an amazing look. Follow this up with a liner brush using the same shade to draw a thin line right under the lower lash. Blondes with fair complexions can use a shade that is more transparent and contains a blue-greenish color. This shade should go on the entire upper eyelid and to finish the look, apply a light coat of brown mascara (black mascara can appear too dramatic against fair-skin).

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    Carol James
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