9 Modern hipster outfits that will nail your fashion game

    Experimenting with fashion would never go out of style. And if you have been into fashion closely enough to study it, you would know that trend is a bitch. It changes like a chameleon changing its colors. Hipster outfits have been a favorite among the stylists as they don’t just include one style. They have a combination of all funky and elegant styles out there. There is no fear of getting out of trend.

    Hipster outfits have been trending for a long time. But combining them with today’s modern outlook you will get the right style for your outing. Have a look at these 10 styles and see for yourself.

    9 Hipster trends for the fashion freak in you

    1. Artsy Fumes

    Colorful artsy wear has been the traditional hipster look since the last few decades. The Indian look has ruled this trend. Now adding to this trend is the African style, dashiki print. Dashiki for men includes hoodies, funky shirts, and tops. For women, there are plus size dashiki tops and dashiki dress that suits your hipster look. These artsy dresses combined with a simple small stone or other such accessories would be an ideal look.

    2. Bohemian Club

    Fluid and loose materials with a light shade of colors like white, off-white, light yellow, sky blue, and beige give you the correct essence of a Bohemian feel. These Bohemian tops could be combined with rugged shorts and a creative Flexi belt along with. They can be carried as single dresses alone. A tiara like headgear would be a cherry on the top.

    3. Rock

    Hard rock style suits best for your careless attitude and a carefree mood. Get your smoky makeup on and those rugged jeans jackets out. These combined with dark-colored innerwear and hairs braided in 90s fashion would give you a perfect rock hipster look

    4. Rural Hipster

    Show that tummy of yours, it’s there to flaunt. Rural white or light crop top with lacy border, combined with a floral print shrug on will give you a girl-next-door look. Add on some knee length or ankle length boots to it for a hipster touch and leave those hair play with the wind, don’t tie them to ruin the feel.

    5. Biker

    A hipster look list without a biking swag outfit? Not possible.

    Here’s a look for the swagger biker girls out there. Torn jeans, a sleeveless top, and a checkered shirt – the standard biker look for women. Make it a little funkier and tie that shirt on your waist. Rugged and torn jeans can be replaced by rugged shorts. Now, a few accessories on the face, like earrings and nose-pins and you are all set for the biker hipster look.

    6. To the Stars and Moon

    Hipsters are believed to be dreamy and believers of destiny. People often opt for an astrology print on their hipster look. And trust me it makes it deeper and hippie-like for you. Let your stars do the work for you!

    Starry print on a dark shade and sparkly wear combined with the dull pair of jeans jacket or a shirt will always look cool.

    7. The Formal Girl

    Who said formals can’t be a hipster? Get those loose trousers and tuck in that loose dark shirt or a plain top in it. Add in a plain belt that holds them all and you have your formal hipster look. Laced flipflop or a laced flat-heeled sandal will suit well. Gear them up all with a messy bun and glasses.

    It is a look for those girls who don’t want to miss out on the hipster trend and still look elegant at their workplace.

    8. Bag It Up

    Bags are essential for a hipster look especially when the look is for a trip or a party. A bag with fringes is the ideal fit for a hipster look. Choose the color and size according to your look.

    9. Hairs and Hats

    A simple hat or a winter cap. Hairs braided or left open highlighted. Loaded up with different accessories or simple choker or anklet. There are plenty of options to select from. You decide what you want more! But just don’t keep it plain with nothing at all.


    These styles are just individualized for simplification. Hipsterism is all about permutations and combinations. You can always have a combination of these to make up your style. Good luck rocking with your hipster outfit!

    The Zigverve Team
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