A Quick Beard Guide to Look Man-some

    Beards are very important to men and add an appeal to their look and makes them feel nice about themselves as growing it is an expression of freedom and also a commitment as beards do not take care of themselves. They require upkeep and constant grooming to make them easily manageable. Below are a few tips that shall help you in keeping that great beard.

    A beard comes to a man who has the patience

    Beards do not grow overnight, they require their time and we need to be patient and give them 4-6 weeks to grow and control your urge to trim or style them, as facial hair grow unevenly they require that time to grow evenly and once you have a thick beard you can choose which style would suit your face.

    Keep your mane clean with a good beard wash

    Once you have a beard, keeping it clean is very important as a lot of dust would get trapped in it and food particles might get stuck on to it and keeping it clean regularly will help in easier maintenance of the beard. Invest in a good beard wash, you can choose from exotic fragrances from Argan & Geranium, Lavender & Cedarwood or Almond & Thyme which can be bought here.

    Eat Properly

    Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 along with beta carotene along with flaxseed oil and nettle oil promote the growth of facial hair. A lot of green vegetables like spinach and kale help in controlling the levels of testosterone in your body, testosterone helps the growth of facial hair.
    Drinking water also helps in controlling the levels of testosterone, so for a good growth of beard we need to drink upto 2 to 2.5 litres of water in a day.

    Sleep well and do exercise

    Sleeping 8 hours a day and doing basic exercises helps boost the testosterone levels in our body, which again helps in the growth of facial hair.

    Know when and how much you got to trim

    Growing a beard is a difficult task and to get a good healthy beard we must be aware as when we would like to trim those ends that go haywire and cause split-ends as that would help us grow a beard that is under our control.

    Use a good beard oil


    Once our beard grows, we need to regularly tame our beard with some beard oil to make sure it grows nicely thick and provides moisture to the skin below the mane and does not grow out of control and this can be done by regularly using a good beard oil with a nice fragrance and you can choose from Argan & Geranium, Lavender & Cedarwood or Almond & Thyme.

    Control the itch

    Once your beard grows more than a stubble, you would have continuous itching and many people due to this itch, go ahead and shave off their beard bear the itch for a week or 10 days, it will be gone that happens only because the skin is getting adjusted to the hair once it is done,it will stop itching till then bear the itch.

    We as men have been blessed by nature to grow a beard let us keep it that way and grow a beard that makes us look like the Lion and rule this world.

    Ritesh Sadhija
    Ritesh Sadhija
    Ritesh Sadhija is a passionate traveller and a movie-buff and write about mens grooming too. You can reach him on facebook.

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