How to Avoid being a Fashion Slave

    Who is a fashion slave? One who follows fashion trends blindly. The question is how exactly do you up your fashion game without following trends? On the other hand- how do you ensure that each and every fashion trend followed by you reflects a part of your personality instead of your “sorry” attempt to embrace a trend (of course, without much success)? How do you ensure that you are not a fashion slave?

    There are efficacious ways to make that happen. Documented below are few such ways. You just cannot become a fashion slave. You cannot. Read on to unravel what exactly we are looking to emphasize on.

    Are you a fashion slave or a fashionista?

    The very first fashion lesson that you should be prepared to embrace is the fact that being a fashionista necessarily cannot be equated with the practice of following fashion trends blindly. A fashion slave is someone who tries to slip into ramp clothes without even being judicious about the choice of clothes. Does your dress bolster your personality? Does it represent your personal style statement aptly? These are the questions that you need to ask before picking up a dress for yourself.

    Steering clear of ridiculous fashion trends

    Not being a fashion slave is also about admitting the fact that fashion trends can be ridiculous at times as well. There has to be an honest admission from your end that all catwalk trends are not meant for every one. There are dresses that are best graced by a certain type of curves or body types. Be sagacious enough to admit that your body type and personal style statement are better off flaunting other (no less “fashionably significant”) styles, cuts and designs. Since we cannot stop reiterating the importance of clothes shoring up your own personality, a lot has to do with you understanding your own body, its sartorial needs and suitability as well.

    Do not follow trends blindly

    You can still look uber-stylish and trendy by not following fashion trends blindly. The trick is to settle for “wearable” trends. The key is to embrace the fact that wearable isn’t necessarily equivalent to runways. Another definite danger of blindly following fashion trends— there is almost everyone doing the same. Your individuality in that case somehow gets lost in the crowd. Ask the most eminent fashionistas out there and we can tell you that they unequivocally hail individuality and personal style statement as the most important aspects of fashion. A fashion slave – on the other hand- can actually never be a true fashionista.

    Being a diligent fashion slave isn’t easy either—quite simply because of the fact that fashion trends change very fast. What you saw gracing a fashion magazine cover yesterday might as well be considered dated tomorrow. What you thought would rule the ramp the next few months or years might as well already phased out of the fashion scenario when you have actually gone on to pick it up from the store.

    Being a fashion slave – as such – isn’t easy as such! Thank God it’s not desirable either!

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