7 Shoe shopping tips for working women

    Women love to shop! However, when it comes down to shopping for shoes to wear in a professional work environment, we can’t buy the first cute pair of shoes we come across. We have to consider some things to purchase work-appropriate shoes. Remember, you want to dress for success, especially since your clients, co-workers, and boss expect a professional image from career women.

    Because we understand the struggle of finding a pair of shoes that fits your personality while offering comfort, we’ve compiled a list of 7 things to consider before making a final decision on the pair of shoes you decide to buy. Our tips will assure you find some flats or heels that are both professional and comfortable.

    Pick a style

    Shopping women shoes

    Generally, when selecting shoes for career women there are only two viable options: flats or heels. The determining factor will boil down to the type of career that you have. Are you on your feet all day or do you spend the majority of the time sitting down? We can guarantee that if you are on your feet most of the day, you’ll want to invest in some comfortable flats whereas heels are great if you aren’t on your feet majority of the time.

    If for whatever reason you cannot stand the thought of wearing heels all day at your workplace, you will want to go with a presentable pair of flats. If you are a heel lover and don’t spend too much time on your feet, this is a great option for you. Both heels and flats can be found with memory foam soles which give comfort to your feet all day long! Once you’ve decided on heels or flats, conduct some research on the different styles! Consider open toed vs close-toed shoes as well as heel height.

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    Select a color

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    The right pair of shoes for career women are usually not in bright neon colors. You want a color that is appropriate for the workplace, but also convenient for you. Assess your wardrobe to see what color matches most of your clothing. This will make getting ready for the day quick and simple. Popular color selections include:

    • Black – this is the most common color. Black shoes go with absolutely anything! This is a dynamic choice and if you decide to go with black, we guarantee you will have a wide selection to choose from.
    • Brown – this includes shades of brown, tan, beige, and other darker earth tones. Light earth tones such as nude colored shoes generally go with any outfit as well and are a formal color.
    • Gray – this color is a little more difficult to match, but they definitely work for career women!


    Women shoes

    Now is the time to determine how important comfort is to you. Remember we mentioned memory foam flats and heels are available? Well, most times they are also a bit pricier, but your feet will thank you! If comfort is not high up on your priority list, you can plan to spend less money than if you go with a memory foam option.

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    It’s now time to talk about money! We have to be considerate of the price of a pair of shoes. What is your budget? The best part about shoe shopping for career women is that you can find a style that fits any budget. Keep in mind that lower budgets may mean less comfort. If you are sitting down the majority of the day, you can find a relatively inexpensive pair of shoes.

    However, if maximum comfort is at the top of your list, plan on spending a bit more.

    Consequently, take into consideration how often you will wear the heels. If you need them for a one-time event, then you will survive a few hours of discomfort. If you plan on wearing them on a regular basis, we suggest investing a bit more money in something that you will love and a pair of shoes that will last you several years.

    Retail vs Online Shopping


    Looking for the best online shoe shopping is a rising trend, however, you for this occasion, you may want to skip the cyber shopping and personally visit a retail store. This will be beneficial in the following ways:

    • Time – If you find a pair you like at a retail store you will most likely be Fable to walk out with the pair of shoes that same day. If you order online, you will have wait a few days and it will cost you a bit more due to shipping.
    • Extra Assistance – Nine times out of ten, when you walk into a shoe store there will be an associate ready to help you. Have a salesperson measure your feet to assure you select the right size. Also, let them know what you are looking for and try the shoes before you buy! This will assure you that you select the perfect fit.

    Persistence Is Key

    Shoe shopping for career women sounds easy, however, it can turn into a tedious, time-consuming process. Always try on a pair of shoes before you buy them to assess comfort, style, and height. If they don’t work for you 100% don’t feel forced to purchase them. Instead, keep looking; keep in mind this is a pair of shoes you’ll want to have around for many years.

    If you don’t find the pair you are looking for on the first day don’t fret! It is very likely they will not be at the first store you walk into. Ask your friends for opinions if you’re unsure it’s the best look for you. Also, consistently ask yourself if it’s the appropriate color and style for the workplace. Finally, our best piece of advice is to be patient! The persistence will pay off.

    Backup Pair of Shoes

    The last tip we have for you is to always have a backup pair of shoes in the case of an emergency for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that new heels or flats can often be a bit uncomfortable the first days of wear. Because breaking in your new pair of shoes may take some time, have a pair at your desk or in your car just in case you are getting blisters on your feet.

    Another good reason to have a backup pair of shoes is to change into towards the end of the day. Heels can take a toll on your feet after a long day. Having a pair of flats handy will also make for a great ride to and from work!

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    Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson is a small business owner based in the UK. He’s built OgamIgam from the ground up with the principle of helping people get correct fitting shoes that look good at the same time!

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