5 fast ways to explore country before visiting

    It is good to prepare yourself very well before traveling to a place you have not been to before. You obviously do not want to regret not having enough fun or do certain things before leaving. Your preparation should not only involve packing up the things you will need when you get there. Explore the country even before moving there to know how to make your visit worthwhile.

    Here are five ways to explore any country before visiting.

    1. Read Travel Reviews

    You just have to gather enough information before moving to a place you haven’t been before. Even if you have been there, you still need information to make your trip worthwhile. What better way to get information than from people who have visited that location or country? These set of people have had a personal experience and their experiences can help make your journey worthwhile.

    While reading reviews, you might get information on cheap hotels in the area. You might not know where to find these places until someone who has tells you about them.

    Besides hotels, there might be local restaurants and other fun destination you don’t know exist. You may find out about these places from the reviews left by others. There are a couple of sites that encourage travelers to share reviews. You will surely learn a thing or two from these sites like TripAdvisor.

    2. Use Google Trips

    If you are someone that loves preparing for trips by filling up a manila folder with your entire travel itinerary, there is something much better to use. The Google Trip function as the folder and you don’t need to pile up papers anymore.

    You can use the application to gather your entire travel information and organize them automatically. It will help you map out the day itineraries and offer suggestions for things to do or see. Another interesting part of using this app is that it works offline, so you don’t need to worry about finding a wifi spot in that new country before you can determine the next activity lined up for the day.

    3. Search Instagram

    You may have been using Instagram for other purposes but not as a travel aid because you don’t know it can act as one. Sincerely, you can use Instagram to explore countries you haven’t visited. Click the “Search Icon” on the front screen then access the Places tab to browse through recent and popular photos of different locations people are sharing.

    You might learn a lot about those places and make up your mind on places to take selfies and have a nice time when you visit the country. Besides spotting were to take selfies, you can also uncover restaurants, bars and lots of fun destinations and places of note.

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    4. Read and follow up some bloggers

    You can also learn a thing or two from blogs. You can get enough information about countries you are planning to visit by reading and following up some bloggers. You can get information about the side attractions and fun destinations. In addition, you can learn about places to go shopping or engage in numerous water sports.

    There are travel bloggers who provide updates about side attractions and fun destinations or places to visit in different countries. Most of them share their firsthand experiences in these countries while others rely on in-depth research to provide more information you may not have come across ordinarily unless you spend time in that country.

    You can plan your journey ahead and follow up on the travel blog posts to learn a thing or two about the country of interest. Gather all the necessary information you need before embarking on the trip, in order not to miss out on anything.

    5. Apple Maps

    It seems almost everyone that travels regularly knows about this app. But even at that, it will be great to end the post by talking about it. The intriguing thing about this app is the updates it receives on a regular basis. New features are being added on a fairly regular basis to provide more details.

    The Apple Maps is for iOS 10 and features new filters that allow users to locate nearby places of great importance more easily. You can use the app to search for anything like bars and then narrow down your search to things like sports bars, wine bars for instance.

    There are ways you can explore any country you are planning to visit before embarking on the journey. You will learn more about the country and find out different ways you can make your visit worthwhile. You will be able to plan well before visiting when you have explored or find out things about the country. You can use the tips we mentioned in this post to carry out your exploration before moving. You won’t have any regrets when you do so.

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    Betsy Randall
    Betsy Randall
    Betsy Randall is a professional writer and blogger. She writes quality term papers for Termpapereasy sharing own experience and research. She has a Master Degree in Eastern Philosophy and provides free tutoring at local high school.

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